11 choices for your backyard |

11 choices for your backyard |

Shady spots are one of the most forgotten areas in the backyard, but there’s always a plant within reach no matter your situation. When it comes to areas with part shade/part sun, the choice on offer is fortunately abundant.

I’m a perennial girl through and through, so to me they make sense for most garden situations. While annuals have their place when it comes to adding an extra wow factor to your backyard, for true, long-lasting, low-maintenance color, a wealth of permaculture is a good thing to aim for.

The value you get from shade plants that bloom year after year is much higher than those that bloom for only one season. Therefore, when selecting plants for partial shade, I recommend a healthy spread of perennials as well as evergreens, for well-structured, long-lasting interest.

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Choosing partial shade perennials for your plot: 11 types of the best varieties

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