11 ideas for garden edging

11 ideas for garden edging

Determining what your ideal garden will look like isn’t always easy. You have to keep in mind what flowers work together, what flowers don’t, as well as what’s growing in your environment – ​​the list goes on and on. One detail that’s easy to check off your list is garden edging. In a few simple steps and relatively few supplies, you can transform your backyard into a defined, upscale space that is sure to impress your garden club mates. A shovel, some bricks and some creativity to get the job done. We’ve pulled out some of our most beautiful gardens to help you gather inspiration as you start this project. Depending on the size of your space, this may be the perfect weekend project to tackle. This is easy to do if you don’t have a green thumb. No plants should be harmed during the garden edging process, just be aware of those roots!

Country brick garden edging

Ralph Anderson

Classic gardens are few and far between, but traditional brick garden edging can easily be replicated in the smallest of backyards. If you are doing more than one section of your garden, make sure your bricks face the same direction to create a cohesive look.

Stone garden edging

Ralph Anderson

Simple stones can make the biggest impact when it comes to the great outdoors. Light-colored stones look especially beautiful in gardens and green places.

Garden edging pavers

Photo: Ralph Anderson

Paving adds clear edges to your garden, giving you the freedom to let the surrounding plants be their natural selves. We suggest using gravel or grass as filler.

Concrete garden edging

Photo: Van Chaplin

Paving allows for a precisely edged concrete path in the garden every time. Because these edges are so flat, plants can gently flow onto the walkway.

Garden shovel edges

Laurie W. Glenn

All of these garden edging ideas are nice, but in the end, all you really need is a shovel to add edging to almost any garden. This method is especially effective for separating lawn and garden mulch.

Limestone garden edging

Ruby Caponetto

Large pieces of stone elegantly separate this colorful garden from the courtyard. Decorating your edging with potted plants adds a nice touch.

Flower garden edges

Photo: Roger Foley

Let nature do the edging for you with this flower technique. It’s a refined way to add an extra touch of color to liven up your outdoor space.

Vertical stone garden edging

Matthew Benson, Robbie Caponetto

Vertical garden edging allows for a beautiful surface area for vines to cascade over. It gives even the most unusual gardens a sophisticated finishing touch.

Flagstone Garden Edges

Ruby Caponetto

The organic look of flagstones allows your garden to be truly unique. Stones pair beautifully with tomato trellises as well as wildflowers.

Brick garden edging

Allison Micksh

Even the most colorful gardens have some brick edging. This technique allows you to create beautiful straight lines as well as natural-looking curves.

Garden edging flagstone pavers

Ralph Lee Anderson

Every space deserves to be beautiful, and these large sandstone pavers make this garden a place we can imagine ourselves spending all our free time. The natural light color of the stones plays well with the vibrant greens and blues of the garden.

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