13 good luck plants to bring positivity to your home

13 good luck plants to bring positivity to your home

Judging by many of our traditions, Southerners will always keep our bets high for a happy and successful life. From eating a big bowl of Hoppin' John on New Year's Day to burying a bottle of bourbon before the wedding day, we don't mind making an effort to bring good news for the future. Although we are as responsible as we are superstitious, why risk it when it is relatively no problem?

In the spirit of being willing to try any easy task that promises a karmic reward, it's helpful to know that even plants can potentially make a difference. There are some types of lucky houseplants and flowers that are particularly known for bringing good luck, wealth and prosperity to the home, and you don't need to have a green thumb to test the theory.

Here are 13 good luck plants that will hopefully bring success and serendipity into your home, or to give as a gift to others.

Money tree plant

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This plant is known for its symbolism in Asian culture and is said to bring good luck, financial success and prosperity. It is also suggested to bring positive energy, or “chi” in feng shui, into the home.

Jade plant

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This resilient succulent plant is always nice to have around and is easy to keep alive at home. Due to its small, coin-shaped leaves, it is associated with money and good luck.

Orchid flower

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Known for being trickier to grow than some other houseplants, orchids make you work for their approval, and the favor is said to return you with good fortune in the future.


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The small silver coin-shaped foliage of eucalyptus gives it its common name, silver dollar tree. Next lucky sign! Additionally, the therapeutic effects of eucalyptus make it great to hang over your shower head for health benefits.


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Yes, you can grow citrus trees indoors, which is often ideal in the South compared to outdoors. It has long been known that citrus trees are a measure of fruitfulness, depending on how much fruit your tree bears each year. The more fruits on the tree, the more luck you are said to have!

Holy basil

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Holy basil root is often used in Ayurvedic medicine to help purify yourself and your surroundings, as well as ward off negative energy. Better yet, you can keep a small plant around the house and use it for cooking as well.


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It should come as no surprise that this soothing, therapeutic plant can definitely make life better. Having a clear and relaxed mind is the key to achieving success.

Snake plant

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A popular houseplant, the snake plant—also called St. George's sword, mother-in-law's tongue, and snake hemp—is secretly a good luck charm, because it absorbs toxic gases from the air and removes toxins.


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These stunning flowers symbolize many different things, including compassion, romance, riches, and good luck. Choose hot pink or red peonies for extra fruitful luck.

White clover

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White clover is often seen as a wish for good luck and great energy. Therefore, it is a great choice to have around the house, or even to give as a gift.


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Whether on the table in a bouquet or planted in the yard, Echinacea can help you feel good about your future self and endeavors, because the flower symbolizes strength and health.

Rubber factory

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The broad, glossy, dark-green leaves of this houseplant are round and coin-shaped, and are said to symbolize abundance, happiness and wealth.


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The decorative appearance of these beautiful flowering plants may fool you, but hibiscus actually means “ambition,” which can set you up for success in many ways.

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