15 beautiful plants you can give as gifts this holiday season

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Norfolk Island pine

The most beautiful Christmas plants Norfolk pine
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These beautiful trees with soft needles make a lovely houseplant year-round. They’re a great alternative if the recipient doesn’t have room for a full-sized tree.

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The most beautiful Christmas plants are amaryllis
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These gorgeous flowers bloom in vibrant colors about four to six weeks after they are planted so the recipient can enjoy the blooms in time for the holidays or later in the winter, depending on the type of amaryllis.

They are usually offered as a gift set that comes with a bulb and container, so all the recipient needs to do is add water and place it in a bright place.

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Orchid butterfly

The most beautiful Christmas plants, butterfly orchid
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These ethereal-looking plants are actually hardy and long-lived, given the right conditions. They have glossy green foliage and complex flowers that bloom for months on end.

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Best poinsettia plants for holiday gifts
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Poinsettia is the The perfect holiday plant. Native to Mexico, its colorful bracts, a type of modified leaf, come in a variety of colors including classic red, pink, coral, white, and speckled or speckled!

The recipient can place them anywhere in the house without having to worry about light levels because they are meant to be enjoyed and then disposed of or composted, and not kept as a long-term houseplant.

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Cactus holiday

The most beautiful Christmas plants
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You’ll see these beautiful succulents everywhere around the holidays. These easy-care plants have flat leaves, which are actually a type of modified stem, and exotic-looking flowers that come in shades of pink, white, coral, and red. They can live for decades with the right conditions!

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Frosty ferns

The most beautiful Christmas plants are frosty ferns
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This sweet little fern looks as if it is covered in snow. It’s actually a type of moss, and looks charming on end tables or table toppers for holiday decorations.

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Citrus tree

The most beautiful Christmas plants are the citrus tree
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With its glossy foliage, fragrant flowers, and edible fruit, the citrus tree is a unique gift that will keep giving for years.

Calamondin oranges are among the easiest to grow, but consider an unusual citrus plant as a gift, such as a ponderosa lemon, which produces lemons weighing several pounds, or a key lime tree for something truly special.

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The whiteness of the paper

The most beautiful Christmas plants, Pepper White
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These fragrant gift plants usually come in a kit with bulbs pre-planted in a container. Its cheerful white flowers last for weeks, adding delicate beauty to winter tables.

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The most beautiful Christmas plants are rosemary
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This herb is often cut into topiary form for the holidays. Rosemary can outlive the holidays and can be enjoyed outdoors on the patio next summer.

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Sea hellebore

The most beautiful Christmas plants are hellebores
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Also called Lenten or Christmas Rose, this gorgeous perennial makes a beautiful winter-blooming plant. It is cold hardy and can be grown outdoors in the spring.

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Lemon cypress

The most beautiful Christmas plants - cypress and lemon balm
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The citrus-scented, lemon-colored needles of this beautiful conifer make it a holiday favorite. They require very bright light indoors but can be grown outdoors in spring in warm climates. They are also sometimes shaped into charming topiary shapes.

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Olive Tree

The most beautiful Christmas plant is the olive tree
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The silvery green leaves and graceful shape of the olive tree make it an elegant gift plant. With bright light, olive trees can live for decades.

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The most beautiful Christmas plants are cyclamen
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The delicate cyclamen flowers seem to float above the beautiful heart-shaped leaves. This table plant, which comes in shades of pink, red and white, makes a great gift because your recipient can enjoy weeks of non-stop bloom.

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Dwarf Alberta spruce

The most beautiful Christmas plants are the dwarf Alberta spruce
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This cone-shaped evergreen tree is as natural as a Christmas tree! It is best to put them in a pot and place them by the front door, as they do not like to be inside for long periods of time. In the spring it can be planted in the ground.

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English Ivy

The most beautiful Christmas plants are English ivy
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With its dark green or variegated leaves, English ivy is a popular Christmas plant, often sold in topical form. It is also grown as a vine, which looks stunningly cascaded over the edges of end tables and bookcases.

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