15 Best Low Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

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Pay attention to sun exposure

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You’ve heard it before: Choose the right plant for the right place, says Cervone. Always read the plant tag or description before purchasing a plant to provide it with the conditions it needs to thrive.

Sun lovers need sun, and shade lovers will fry in the hot sun. If you try to cheat, you are dooming the plant to struggle until it looks bad and may eventually die (which is a waste of money!).

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Go with greenery

Low maintenance evergreen front yard landscaping ideas
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Gorgeous evergreen plants come in every shade from blue-green to yellowish. Choose dwarf varieties if you have limited space, and stick to varieties that maintain their natural round or conical shape without the need for pruning for most low-maintenance options.

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Use a flowering tree as a focal point

Low maintenance flowering tree ideas for front yard
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Get the most for your money: The flowering tree makes a statement in your landscape but doesn’t require a lot of maintenance or constant pruning, if you choose well. Two of Cervoni’s favorites are Kousa dogwoods, which are more disease-resistant than native dogwoods, and Redbud trees (shown here), which have gorgeous spring flowers that don’t leave a big mess when they fall.

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Invest in raised beds

Raised beds in the front yard are low maintenance
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Choose durable materials

Low maintenance front yard composite material ideas
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Choose long-lasting materials for projects like fencing or decks, says Cervone. Hardwoods such as Brazilian ipe and local black locust, composite materials for decking and vinyl, or hardwood for fencing will outlast inexpensive pressure-treated pine.

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Ornamental herbs plants

Low maintenance front yard ideas for ornamental grass
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Cervone says ornamental grasses are particularly attractive because they are hardy, deer-resistant, and look stunning when blown in the wind to add texture and interest. Carex and hachnechloa are great options.

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Add shrub roses to beds and borders

Low maintenance front yard ideas with flowers
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Do you like roses? Then stick to hardy shrub roses like Knockouts. They are self-cleaning (dropping their spent flowers without the need for pruning) and are more resistant to disease. It also blooms non-stop from spring to frost.

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Plant spring-flowering bulbs

Low maintenance spring lights in the front yard
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Plant them once and enjoy them for years! Spring flowering bulbs should be planted in the fall to bloom the following spring. Among the most reliable performers year after year are daffodils, lilies and muscari. Tulips are beautiful but do not flower well in later years, so they are considered annual plants and should be replanted every fall.

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Hang window boxes

Low maintenance front yard ideas window boxes
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Window boxes provide color without the need to invest in landscape plantings. You can also change the plantings depending on the season, for example, if you want spring flowering bulbs or fall mums.

Invest in self-watering containers too, so you’ll need to water every week or so rather than daily.

Shop self-watering window boxes

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Make perennials part of your landscape

Low maintenance front yard ideas are perennial
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Perennials come back year after year, so they’re a great long-term investment, Cervone says. Some of its favorites for full sun include mint and coreopsis. For part sun, use heuchera and dicentra.

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Ground cover alternative to grass

Low maintenance landscaping ideas for front yards and ground covers
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Create a container garden

Succulents in the front yard are low maintenance
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No planting beds in your front yard? Arrange a collection of pots of different sizes for a garden that you can move whenever and wherever you want. The different types of succulents shown here are drought-tolerant but provide great look and texture to the garden.

Farmers shop

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Plant for fall color

Low maintenance front yard
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Design your garden for fall, too. Ornamental trees like Japanese maples provide splashes of color but won’t require a lot of raking because they are usually small trees. “There is a size and variety that will appeal to everyone,” says Cervone. Read the plant tag so you know which type to buy, and pay attention to mature size and width so you don’t plant it too close to your home, which could cause maintenance problems in the future.

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Stick to drought-tolerant plants

Low maintenance front yard ideas for drought tolerant plants
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Reduce the number of times you need to water by choosing plants that can tolerate heat and drought once established. Cervone loves perennials like Russian sage and lavender, which have beautiful colors and bloom for weeks on end. It is also pollinator-friendly and deer-resistant.

Shop Russian Sage Plants


Design for all four seasons

Low maintenance ideas for front yard landscaping
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Many low-maintenance plants can enhance the view of your front yard year-round, even during the long, dark winter months. Plant evergreens for year-round color, perennials like hellebores that bloom in late winter to early spring, and shrubs like red-twig dogwood or winterberry that show off beautifully against the snow or faded landscape.

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