20 best climbing plants for your garden

20 best climbing plants for your garden

Whether you have a small balcony garden or a large yard full of flowers of all kinds, there is always room to grow. Plants that grow vertically add interest, provide screening and privacy, and provide beautiful options for pollinators visiting your garden. So what makes the best climbing plants for your space? Glad you asked. Here’s what you should know, plus a roundup of our favorite things to try.

Vines or climbers may be either annuals or perennials. If you choose a perennial variety, which will come back for many years, make sure it is suitable for surviving the winter in a USDA hardiness zone (find your type here). Many annuals grow well from seed, although it is a little too late in the season to start most of them now. However, fall is a great time to plant perennials because temperatures are more moderate and rain is more plentiful. Just make sure you have any perennials in the ground at least 6 weeks before freezing weather arrives in your area to ensure your plant’s roots are established. Also be sure to install a trellis or other support when planting so as not to disturb the plant later.

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With these tips in mind, you’re ready to start planning your green space. Here are our favorite climbing plants for every garden:

These ancient annuals are easy to grow from seed. Soak the seeds overnight to help them germinate more quickly, then plant them in the spring after all danger of frost has passed. Its beautiful pink, purple, lavender, white or ring-colored flowers are great for lining a mailbox or fence from mid-summer onward.

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This cheerful annual vine can get very large, up to 20 feet tall! It is an annual in most parts of the country, but in warm climates, it will bloom year after year. Give it plenty of space and a large trellis.

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Honeysuckle’s sweet scent is irresistible to pollinators such as bees and hummingbirds. Make sure to buy non-invasive species, Honeysuckle is evergreen or Lonicera perisylminumnot the invasive Japanese species (Lonicera japonica), which will take over your garden. These perennials are a great addition for color and scent, but give them a sturdy trellis.

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These perennials are a great addition to any garden because they are available in hundreds of varieties. Read the label to be sure what you’re getting because flowering times vary from spring to fall, while some prefer more shade and others more sun.

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This stunning plant with a tropical flair continues to bloom all summer long, and it loves the heat. Give it afternoon shade in the hottest climates. Mandevilla is an annual plant in most parts of the country but can survive all year in hot climates.

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A close relative of morning glory, this annual blooms later in the day. Plant it where you can enjoy its luminous white flowers while you sit in the evening. Soak the seeds overnight to stimulate germination.

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This annual has crimson, hot pink or pure white flowers and eye-catching ferny foliage. It’s actually an ancestral species of morning glory, so it climbs anything in its path with ease.

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The sweetness and romance of roses is undeniable, they are actually very hardy plants. Climbers need a sturdy trellis, tree or fence for cover, and will sometimes need some guiding or tying to keep them draped over your choice of support.

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Early spring is a good time to plant these beautiful flowers. They prefer cool weather and are mostly annuals, although you can find some perennial heirloom varieties. Read the plant tag or description to know what you are buying.

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This warm climate perennial features delicate white flowers with an amazing scent. It grows quickly, so give it a sturdy trellis to climb.

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Chocolate vine has interesting leaves and purple flowers in early summer. Keep it in a large pot to contain its growth because it is considered invasive in some parts of the country.

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If you’re looking for a fast climber with bright red fall color, Virginia creeper is a great choice. The self-adhesive aerial roots will adhere to any surface such as walls or trees without damaging the structure or plant. The plant can reach 20 to 30 feet in height.

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This fast-growing plant will quickly cover the tree. It has dark green leaves with beautiful purple flowers that turn into dark purple pods. It loves heat and blooms all summer long. It is considered a perennial in warm climates. A new variety has white flowers and silver pods.

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The beautiful, drooping shapes of wisteria flowers in spring are a welcome sight after a long winter! The fragrant purple clusters of these perennials attract butterflies and bees. Make sure you plant a local version, not Chinese varieties, which can become invasive. New species are also thriving.

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This lesser-known plant is a great perennial for locations with partial shade. The foamy pink or white flowers appear in spring, and will not harm walls or trees as they climb. Give it a few seasons to really take off.

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This perennial vine looks like a false hydrangea, but its flowers are only white and resemble those of a hydrangea bush. Give it plenty of room to grow; It can grow up to 30 feet tall, but its clinging roots won’t damage walls or trees like some vines, such as English ivy (which is considered invasive).

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This exotic-looking heirloom vine has beautiful purple striped flowers. Seeds can be difficult to germinate, so buy plants when possible. In cold climates, this perennial vine dies back and returns to the ground. To keep it under control in the South, prune to control growth in the spring.

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Yes, these heirloom beans are easy to grow He is Edible (as are the flowers!). Pick the pods fresh or let them dry like bean shells. They are also incredibly easy to grow, have gorgeous flowers, and attract lots of pollinators. By late summer, this fast grower will cover an arch or trellis. Sit back and watch the hummingbirds flock in.

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This annual has rounded leaves and beautiful flowers in saturated colors ranging from hot pink to salmon. It actually flows out of pots and window boxes, but you can gently train it up a short trellis for a more upright look. Soak the seeds overnight before planting to speed up the germination process. Bonus: Both the leaves and flowers are edible.

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Exotic-looking tubular flowers in bright colors make this vine a fun addition to your pollinator garden. It is grown as an annual in most parts of the country but will work as a perennial in warmer climates.

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