25 Best Easter Flowers for Centerpieces and Spring Bouquets

25 Best Easter Flowers for Centerpieces and Spring Bouquets


Water lily

Esheuvel//Getty Images

Considered one of the most beautiful flowers on Earth, water lilies have a rich cultural history and have been celebrated in art, literature and medicine for centuries. Flowers are associated with a new dawn, rebirth, spiritual growth, and renewal, making them a great choice for Easter. Float one in a bowl or use floral water tubes to add a few to a large arrangement.

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Tulips in bloom
Daniela Duncan//Getty Images

The lily, with its long, sword-like buds, was a ceremonial flower in ancient Rome. These night-blooming flowers come in a variety of colors from bright pink, rich purple and even deep red, so choose a variety that will appear in your garden in early spring.

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Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley
Comfortable3//Getty Images

An aggressive grower, lily of the valley can spread quickly, often covering entire fields. With its delicious, sweet-smelling flowers, the flower is known to bloom in late spring as the weather turns toward summer. Just be aware that it is toxic to humans and animals.

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Flowers blooming
Clive Nicholls//Getty Images

This flower is named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, and symbolizes the link between earth and heaven. These days, iris are also commonly associated with Christ's Passion and Resurrection, perhaps because they bloom at Easter. Additionally, rich purple is the traditional Easter color that represents the season in the Catholic Church.

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Pink rose
Clive Nicholls//Getty Images

Each color of rose conveys a different meaning, so you can customize your Easter bouquet to say something special about the holiday. Use pink roses to signify the sweetness of spring, and choose dazzling white accents for a touch of new beginnings and pure intentions.

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Baby's breathing

Dark dried flower
Hiroyuki Nakai//Getty Images

Traditionally used in wedding bouquets and baby showers, baby's breath is considered a sign of good luck and new beginnings. The flower is actually part of the clove family. Place a handful in a vase with carrots (one of our favorite Easter decor ideas) for a beautiful Easter centerpiece.

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Beautiful light pink peony bouquet
Eliana Master//Getty Images

While peony season is often late April to early May, in warmer climates the flower is a true spring bloomer beloved for its layered petals and intoxicating scent. Purchase peonies that are cut and almost fully sealed to ensure they last as long as possible.

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Mixed bouquet of fresh tulips on wooden table with reflection in window
Getty Images

Tulips are the quintessential spring flower, making them perfect for an Easter display. Available in a range of colors, two-tone, and with ruffled edges, you'll find them potted or in cut bouquets. Either way, choose flowers with tight buds because they will bloom quickly in the warmth of your home. Tulips are usually considered annual plants, so if you want tulips in your garden next spring, plant the bulbs in the fall.

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Easter lily

White Easter lily
Getty Images

It wouldn't be Easter without Easter lilies! These trumpet-shaped flowers are native to Japan. Choose plants with buds at different stages so you can enjoy them for as long as possible. You can plant it outdoors in warm climates after all danger of frost has passed, and it may flower next summer. Just be aware that all parts of lily plants are highly toxic to pets, especially cats.

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Getty Images

Beautiful white, pink, blue and purple nails are closely associated with Easter. They are also hardy bulbs that you can plant outside after they warm up, and they usually come back for many years. Just keep in mind their strong scent when placing cut or potted flowers around your home; It can be a bit much for a kitchen or dining room where you spend a lot of time.

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Gerbera daisy

Designer Claire Matthews' project of a red gerbera houseplant in a white container
Getty Images

Gerber daisies are colorful flowers that bloom in late spring or early summer, so they are great for Easter decorating. You'll find both potted plants and cut flowers; Buy plants when possible because cut flowers tend to wilt after only a few days.

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Daffodils daffodils in a jug, Easter decoration with brown eggs
Getty Images

Daffodils are often one of the first signs of spring. You'll find both potted plants and cut stems. Choose those with narrow buds so they will last longer inside your home. Plant the bulbs in your garden after they fade, and they will come back in subsequent seasons (although it may take a few years for them to sprout and flower again).

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Pink, yellow and orange ranunculus bouquet with French door windows in the background
Getty Images

Stems of these delicious bloomers can be found at farmers markets and flower shops in the spring and early summer. Its ethereal beauty makes it a welcome addition to your Easter decor, and it has a long vase life.

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Bright spring flower in wicker basket standing on burlap next to ceramic pots, spring flowers
Getty Images

Primroses are small, tidy plants with gorgeously colored flowers in white, yellow, pink and purple. Perennial species are among the first to bloom in spring. Arrange several of these potted plants on your tabletop for an easy-care centerpiece that will last for weeks.

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Thriving azalea plant in a flower pot isolated on white background Pink and white rhododendron flower shop or houseplant concept care
Getty Images

You'll often find azalea plants as potted gift plants in the spring. They provide long-lasting floral displays in a range of gorgeous colours, from white to electric pink. However, most of these plants are not very cold-tolerant, so they will not survive if you plant them in the garden.

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Spectacular types of crocuses that bloom in late February are here grown in clay pots so the flowers can be enjoyed up close.
Getty Images

Sold as pre-planted bulbs, crocuses are cheerful cup-shaped blooms and true heralds of the arrival of spring. Outdoors, they are early bloomers that often appear while there is still snow on the ground. You can try planting bulbs after the flowers fade, but their return is not certain. If you want crocuses next spring, plant the bulbs in the fall.

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Orchid butterfly

Moth orchid
Getty Images

Orchids are not as picky as you might think! As long as you give them bright, indirect light and only water them when they are a little dry, they will be happy. Its delicate flowers last for months, and it can be relied upon to repeat bloomers for years in the right conditions.

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Grape hyacinth

Richard Hobbs Garden, Norfolk Terracotta Containers Planted with Muscari White Magic, Valerie Fiennes' Headdress and Latifolium
Getty Images

Pots of these charming bulbs are often sold in the spring as tabletop flowers, or you can plant the bulbs outside in the fall for spring flowers. Some have a faint grape-like scent, which is so delicious!

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Forsythia branches
Getty Images

Cut branches from forsythia shrubs when the buds begin to swell to force them to bloom indoors. If you don't have one of these popular hedge plants in your garden, you can find cut branches at your local florist or supermarket. The yellow flowers make a stunning Easter display for an entryway table or mantel.

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Pansy and Viola

Purple, pink and yellow pansies in a small basket on a garden table
Getty Images

These delicate, funny-faced flowers are sold in many large retailers and supermarkets in the spring. Place them on your Easter table, or plant them in window boxes and pots for an attractive springtime touch. They will withstand cold snaps and even a little snow.

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