25 best flower bed ideas for your most beautiful garden yet

25 best flower bed ideas for your most beautiful garden yet


Sidewalk framing

Jackie Parker Photography//Getty Images

If you already have a dock, it's an easier guide to planting and maintenance. It makes a very welcoming way to all your guests too!

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Create your own path

Stone path flower bed ideas
Leah_Catell//Getty Images

If you don't already have a dock, create your own! Adding a stone path helps you design the flow of the space and keeps everyone from stepping on your pretty flowers, too.


Segmentation by color

Flower bed ideas divided by color
Wira Rudsawang//Getty Images

There are several ways to approach your color scheme. The first is to divide your garden or landscape into sections by color, which adds endless visual enjoyment.

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Go monochromatic

Monochrome flower bed ideas
Jackie Parker//Getty Images

Another idea is to keep your flower beds monochromatic. This is great if you have a favorite color and want to display it proudly. Don't worry too much about the shades of each type of flower. The overall effect is what you're after.


Go bold

Dahlia flower idea
Gina Ardell//Getty Images

Hello World! A combination of bold florals will make the ultimate statement. It also works well if you have a minimalist home or quite a bright condo.

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Mix annuals and perennials

Mix flower bed ideas
Vicki Joron, Babel and Beyond Photography//Getty Images

If you're not sure whether you want annuals or perennials, get both! It increases your chances of success just in case one type of flower doesn't work. It also makes less work next year because some will grow back.

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Plant a vegetable garden

Flower bed ideas
David Burton//Getty Images

Do as the French do and gather flowers and vegetables in the same beds. Not only is it visually appealing, you get two gardens in one!


Add raised beds

Raised flower bed in the garden
Maria Zotova//Getty Images

Raised beds of any type can add visual interest. It also increases your chances of success because you can choose the soil you use and any nutrients that may help it grow best.


Add decorations

Flower bed ideas to reuse items
Photography by Ulrich Holmann//Getty Images

We told you there would be a wagon wheel! How cute is this idea? It's a great way to use items you may already have and add interest and character.

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Add colorful utensils

Flower bed ideas colorful pots
Darryl Golin//Getty Images

To add more color, add some bright pots! They can compare or match the flowers you use. The options are endless and give you the opportunity to move things around more easily.

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Reuse planters

Flower bed ideas
I crown//Getty Images

Why waste? Reuse what you have like old wheelbarrows, watering cans, buckets, and more to create unique planters that you can use year after year.


Step up

Flower bed ideas steps
Plummer//Getty Images

One way to add height is to build raised beds that step like stairs. This idea works well if you already have stairs leading up to your front door or to a sloping yard.

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Get curvy

Curved flower bed ideas
Jennifer Photography//Getty Images

Straight lines can be a bit boring. Switch it up by adding some curves. They can curve around your home and help fill in a large yard that needs some direction.


Calling pollinators

Beehive flower bed ideas
Jackie Parker Photography//Getty Images

Flowers won't bloom if you don't have pollinators like bees to do the work for you. If you're feeling adventurous, try building a beehive!


Save pollinators

Pollinator flower bed ideas
Ali Majdfar//Getty Images

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Open the entrance

Flower bed ideas for the hallway
Jackie Parker Photography//Getty Images

There's nothing more attractive than adding a threshold to access or between your garden. This will also help if you have a wide yard that needs a little direction.


Create hexagons

Hexagon flower bed ideas
Photo by Chris Wong. www.kriswong.com//Getty Images

Beds do not have to be square. Try these hex charts that easily add dimension and aren't too complicated to put together. It works well with vegetables too, if you want to update your crockpot.


Turn around

Round flower bed ideas
Christoph Hitzmannseder//Getty Images

Another idea is to plant in a big circle! You could imagine some shrubs to surround your flower display, but this might also work if you just want to use rocks from around the yard for a quick fix.

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Building boundaries

Stone border flower bed ideas
com.alejandrophotography//Getty Images

Rocks can really do a lot of work! A simple collection of flat rocks adds a clean but not too harsh border to your space. They also prevent your lawnmower from accidentally mowing your plants!


Framing your windows

Window box for flower bed ideas
Grace Carey//Getty Images

Your landscaping doesn't need to stop at the grass! Using window boxes gives you a limited space that's easier to manage and an excuse to drop some annuals in and be done in no time.

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Photo by Anne Marie Mattila

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