25 Best Ground Cover Flowers

25 Best Ground Cover Flowers


Flowering thyme

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Alyssum ground cover plants
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White alyssum is a great way to fill in areas of your garden that don’t already have plants and flowers.

It tolerates heat and drought, making it an obvious choice for various climates.

Good for: Plant hardiness Zones 7-11

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Sedum “Dragon’s Blood”

Ground cover sedum plants flowers
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The flowers of this powerful plant are a beautiful red color, hence the name “dragon’s blood.”

“It really provides year-round interest,” Nolan says. “Even when there’s some snow, you might be able to see the little roses. It’s just a really beautiful option in any season.”

Good for: Plant hardiness Zones 3-9

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Delosperma (“ice plant”)

Delosperma ground cover flower plants
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This low-growing plant has succulent, spreading leaves and gorgeous flowers that open in sunlight and close when it’s more shade.

“Firespinner is one of the great varieties,” Nolan says. “It’s a really beautiful combination of orange, fuchsia and white.”

Suitable for: Plant hardiness areas 5-9

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Black mondo grass

Black mondo grass covers the ground, flowers and plants
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Black foliage may not be your first choice, but when you see how beautiful this grass is, you may change your mind.

“If you plant lime green foliage around it, not only does it make the black grass appear, but the green foliage looks brighter, too,” Nolan says. “It’s also an evergreen perennial, which means it will have visual interest in the winter as well.”

Suitable for: Plant Hardiness Zones 6-10

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Hens and chicks

Close-up of beautiful sempervivum ground cover plants
Jackie Parker Photography//Getty Images

latin name, live ever It means “to live forever”, which will give you an idea of ​​how these tough, drought-resistant plants survive.

Its common name refers to the way the hen-like plant grows small rosettes around its main plant, like a hen caring for her young.

Suitable for: Plant Hardiness Zones 5-10

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Perennial ground cover Lilyturf flowers
Stuart Blythe//Getty Images

Known as lilyturf, all four species of these grass-like flowers are perennials.

Towering purple blossoms appear from late summer through fall.

Suitable for: Plant hardiness areas 6-10

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Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley covers the ground flowers
Getty Images

Consider this one of the easiest perennial ground covers, because it can thrive in partial shade with moist soil.

Bonus: It’s also one of the sweetest scents.

Suitable for: Plant hardiness areas 2-9

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Spotted dead nettle

Spotted ground cover dead nettle flowers
com.skymoon13//Getty Images

known as Lamium maculatumThis beautiful purple perennial is deer and rabbit resistant and boasts a long flowering period: from mid-spring to early summer.

Suitable for: Plant hardiness areas 3-10

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Barren strawberries

Arid Strawberry Ground Cover Flower Plants
Helen//Getty Images

These beautiful plantsValdestinia fragarioides) It resembles strawberries but produces only dry, inedible fruits with beautiful small yellow flowers.

This flowering ground cover plant thrives in well-drained soil in medium to full sun conditions.

Suitable for: Plant hardiness areas 4-7

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Creeping phlox

The best ground cover flower plants are creeping phlox
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These blooming beauties come in a variety of colors — white, purple, blue and pink — and will never grow taller than six inches.

It thrives in moist conditions in well-drained soil with medium to full sun.

Suitable for: Plant hardiness areas 3-9

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Lamb’s ear

The best ground cover plants are flowers and lambs ear
Getty Images

A cousin of mint and also called the woolly hedge plant, you’ll enjoy this plant’s lush, silvery leaves all year long.

The purple flowers that bloom in spring also add another beautiful touch to this hardy ground cover plant.

Suitable for: Plant hardiness areas 4-9

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Purple freckles

Ground cover freckled violet flowers
Flickr Creative Commons/Robin_Ottawa

This diversity Viola Soria It is fairly fast growing and features unique freckled purple flowers in mid-spring. When combined with shade-loving moss, it creates a stunning forest effect.

Suitable for: Plant hardiness areas 4-11

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Corsican mint

Ground cover flowers and Corsican mint
Flickr Creative Commons/David Eickhoff

Small, pale violet flowers appear in summer on scented mint Mentha requienii.

It is an ideal choice for shady areas and can also handle some afternoon sun and is easily divided.

Suitable for: Plant hardiness areas 6-10

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Miniature brass buttons

Ground cover flowers miniature brass buttons
Flickr Creative Commons/Megan Hansen

Moisture loving Leptinella groverii It can withstand some morning light.

It is an aggressive grower with small, pale fern leaves and small, gold-colored flowers that appear in mid-spring.

Suitable for: Plant hardiness areas 5-9

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Dianthus “Sternkissin”

Ground cover flowers dianthus sternkissen
Courtesy of Staples

Medium spreading variety Dianthus gratianopolitanusIt features blue-green foliage and pink, clove-scented flowers.

It requires relatively little water and grows well in full sun at least six hours a day.

Suitable for: Plant hardiness areas 3-9



Creepy Jenny

Ground cover yellow creeping jenny flowers
Grace Carey//Getty Images

Lysimachia numisaria It is a sprawling ground plant and a member of the Primulaceae family.

This evergreen perennial is also referred to as the money plant due to the “coin-like” appearance of its leaves and spreads quickly in consistently moist soil with well-rounded soil.

Suitable for: Plant hardiness areas 3-9

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Creepy mazos

Ground cover flowers Mazos
Flickr Creative Commons/James St. John

Abundant purple flowers reptiles mazos, Also known as creeper blue, It blooms in mid-spring and remains until early summer. This drought-tolerant plant can also be grown in full sun.

Suitable for: Plant hardiness areas 4-10

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Creeping blue star

Ground Cover Flowers Blue Star Creeper
Flickr Creative Commons/Andrey Zarkykh

Blue star creeper is easy to grow (Isotoma fluviatelis) produces pale blue flowers that last from spring until early fall.

It spreads quickly in filtered light, constantly moist soil, and can be exposed to full sun.

Suitable for: Plant Hardiness Zones 5-10

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Sedum’s “Tears of a Child”

Ground cover flowers Sedum Baby's Tears
Ken Drews

The variegated, teardrop-shaped leaves on this drought-tolerant succulent plant (White seat) turns red in fall.

The spikes of white flowers that burst every summer are a bonus.

Suitable for: Plant Hardiness Zones 4-9

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