25 best shade plants to beautify your garden

25 best shade plants to beautify your garden


Blue oat grass

Christine Radkowska//Getty Images

For those who live in a cold climate or face harsh winters, blue oat grass is a great bet for year-round color and interest. It never loses its silvery blue color no matter the temperature, and you don't have to worry about it being exposed to too much shade. This is a great option for those looking to dip their toes into the world of ornamental grasses and ground cover grasses.

Varieties to try: Saversprodil



Close-up of a summer-blooming purple foxglove flower, also known as Digitalis purpurea
Jackie Parker Photography//Getty Images

This biennial is often grown as an ornamental plant because of its bright flowers. Their bright colors attract humans and animals (including pollinators such as bees, butterflies and hummingbirds), but it is important to remember that all parts of the foxglove plant are highly poisonous and poisonous.

Varieties to try: Camelot Lavender, Excelsior, and Common

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Spring, spring flower
Nightly reason//Getty Images

The hardy, colorful primrose flowers are popular among gardeners across the country because they can thrive in both hot and cool climates. Primroses appreciate morning sun but do best in partial or full shade.

Varieties to try: Blue Horizon, Wanda

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Alberto Barros / 500p//Getty Images

Gaining popularity as an alternative plant, this beautiful annual plant comes in shades of blue, white and violet on its trailing foliage. It is an attractive choice for shade baskets, window boxes and containers up to about a foot wide and tall.

Varieties to try: Endless lighting, endless flirting

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Hosta "Moon River"
Getty Images

Hostas range in size from a small four inches to six feet tall! They are great for adding beautiful texture and greenery. Just be aware that these perennials are favorites of deer and rabbits. If these critters are frequent visitors to your garden, consider planting something less flavorful, like one of these deer-resistant plants.

Varieties to try: Shadowland Empress Wu, Mouse Ears

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Sweet potato vine

Sweet potato vine
Lisa Romerin//Getty Images

If you are looking for an annual vine that does well in sun And Shade, sweet potato vine is the answer. This beautiful plant comes in shades of purple, burgundy and yellow and looks great on the sides of containers and window boxes.

Varieties to try: Sweet Caroline light green, tri-colour

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Jackie Parker Photography//Getty Images

Begonias do well in a variety of conditions, including full shade. Depending on the variety, they can range from six inches to three feet tall and six to 18 inches wide. Some species are grown primarily for their stunning variegated foliage. Most of them are considered annuals.

Varieties to try: Cane, wax, angel wing

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Tiger plant or Ligularia
DEA/Random//Getty Images

Ligularia, sometimes called tiger plant, has large, showy leaves and bright flowers in shades of yellow. These shade-loving perennials are particularly happy in wet or damp conditions. It can grow anywhere from three to eight feet wide and two to four feet wide.

Varieties to try: Banana, Rocket, King Kong

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Jackie Parker Photography//Getty Images

These happy-faced flowers tolerate full sun in spring and fall, but by summer, they will need partial shade. They often die in hot weather and come back to life when things cool down. They are annual plants but some species self-seed and may appear again next spring.

Varieties to try: Johnny Jump Up, King Henry

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Tricertis toad lily flowers
Djpop//Getty Images

Also known as bishop's hat because of its unique flower shape, epimedium blooms in partial to full shade and blooms from mid to late spring. This perennial can grow between 8 to 12 inches tall and 12 to 36 inches tall. It is a great ground cover for shady places.

Varieties to try: Candy Hearts, Orange Queen

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I am in my valley / 500 pixels//Getty Images

These perennials are often used as ground cover, and are known for their small blue flowers that bloom in spring. It also has charming, heart-shaped foliage with white hues, making it a delightful shade plant whether flowering or not.

Varieties to try: Jack Frost, Silver Heart, Alexander the Great

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Bleeding heart

Findhorn Eco-Village
Yuriko Nakao//Getty Images

Known as bleeding hearts (and you can see why!), these charming perennials are a must-have in any shady garden. Depending on the variety, they can grow between six inches and three feet wide and one to three feet wide.

Varieties to try: Valentine, King of Hearts, Aurora

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Spider weed

A perennial herbaceous plant with deep purple flowers in midsummer also known as spiderwort
Photos by R.A. Kirton//Getty Images

This pretty plant with a fun name blooms in midsummer and prefers moist, well-drained soil. Expect it to reach between six inches and 3 feet tall, depending on the variety.

Varieties to try: Amethyst kiss, sweet Kate

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Sea hellebore

Ragley Hall, Warwickshire, Conservatory with Helleborus, Harvington Reds
Clive Nicholls//Getty Images

This gorgeous perennial looks delicate but is actually tough as nails. It is also called the Rose of Lent because it blooms in late winter to early spring, around the time of Lent. It is available in a wide range of colors ranging from pure white to dark pink and almost black. Depending on the variety, you can expect your hellebore to grow between one and three feet tall and wide.

Varieties to try: Painted doubles, wedding maid of honor

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Photo of Olsztyn//Getty Images

Heuchera, also known as coral bells, is one of the most versatile perennials in any garden. Most species grow in light ranging from full sun to full shade, so read the label to be sure which type you are purchasing. It has small flower spikes in mid-summer but is mainly grown for its gorgeous foliage that covers every color of the rainbow from purple to purplish black. Plant size ranges from one to two feet tall and six to 30 inches wide.

Varieties to try: Appletini, Wild Berry

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Getty Images

Astilbe needs shade so that its beautiful flower plumes are not burned. Plant these perennials in drifts or clumps among other spring shade lovers such as ferns and hellebores to show off their best results. It comes in many shades including light pink, creamy white, and the hot pink seen here.

Varieties to try: Unique Carmine, rise and shine

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Different shades and hues of green from the hills and forests of Connemara, Galway, Ireland I have been exploring the essence of Irish green for a long time and I am still amazed by the intensity and contrast of green I have discovered here and nowhere else, in any other country, I absolutely love the rich tones The depths of this green and the stunning shapes that come with it, this is a naturalistic study of the colors and shapes of deep hidden places in Connemara, Galway, Ireland.
Annie Jabaud//Getty Images

There's a reason ferns are often found in moist, shady forests: they like light to moderate shade. These perennials come in an array of beautiful, lacy shapes and spread into a beautiful ground cover over time. They can reach a few feet tall, depending on the variety. Just be sure to choose a variety that can survive the winter in your climate.

Varieties to try: Autumn, Japanese painted

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bletilla striata, commonly called Chinese ground orchid or hyacinth orchid, is a terrestrial orchid that produces small cattleya-like pinkish-purple flowers in 3-7 flowering racemes atop bare stems It blooms in mid to late spring, each pseudobulb producing 3-5 pale green leaves In the shape of a sword.
Pictures from Japan, Asia and other parts of the world//Getty Images

Platilla, also known as Chinese ground orchid, is a stunning, low-maintenance addition to any garden. Plant bulbs in the fall before spring bloom, and protect this plant from harsh afternoon sun if you want it to look its best. Expect it to reach between one and three feet tall and six to 12 inches wide.

Variety to try: Striped, pink

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Dead nettle

Lamium This plant also has medicinal properties
Javier Fernandez Sanchez//Getty Images

The unglamorous name of this perennial is distracting because it is actually a beautiful, reliable ground cover that requires almost no care. Also called lamium, this plant has silvery or variegated leaves with white, yellow, pale pink, or purple flowers.

Varieties to try: Chablis pink, Chablis purple

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Lily of the valley shrub

Lily of the valley flowering shrub in bloom
Catherine McQueen//Getty Images

This stunning shrub, also called pieris, is one of the first shrubs to bloom in the spring. Its flowers last a very long time, and it can handle some morning sun.

Varieties to try: Interstellar

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