25 spring shelf decor ideas for a cheerful display

25 spring shelf decor ideas for a cheerful display

Spring is one of our favorite times of year to decorate the home. Fresh flowers are in bloom, ready to decorate your home and give purpose to your precious vases. Spring colors can’t be beat either. Beautiful pastels are the most cheerful of all the seasons’ color schemes. As if we needed more reasons to love spring decor, Easter decor, from colorful eggs to animated bunnies, brings whimsy and cheer throughout the home. All of these spring decor essentials and more deserve a special place in your home. We’re talking, of course, about that special spot above the fireplace.

Your mantle is good for more than just Christmas decor. It’s a stunning space equipped to show off your best decor. That’s why, this spring, we won’t waste this prime property in the field of decoration. These are our favorite spring mantel decor ideas for a great display.

Pop in color

Photo: William Waldron

While we love to embrace color all year round, spring is a great time to step out of your bubble if you’re a little color-conscious. We love these bright and sophisticated pops of blue on the scarf.

Add to accessories

Photo: Lori W. Glenn

To change the width of your abaya with the seasons, the trick is in the details. Have a regular display there that you can keep all year long, such as artwork, and add easy elements like flowers or wildlife figures to make your display come alive in the spring.

Generate dynamics

Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez; Design: Ellie Boston Cooper

To make even the simplest displays interesting, use elevation. Whether you decorate your mantle with plants, candlesticks, etc., using repeating patterns at different heights is beautiful and eye-catching.

Pastels, please

Photo: Lori W. Glenn

On this scarf, life imitates art with pastel blooms both on canvas and in a vase. We also love how the homeowner placed a container plant inside the fireplace that will only be used during the spring and summer.

It’s tulip time

Laurie W. Glenn

Once spring arrives, we can’t get enough of the season’s best flowers. One of your favorite plants, tulips, looks stunning throughout the house, and where better to display them front and center on a mantle?

Follow the flower forward approach

Hector Manuel Sanchez; Design: Ellie Boston Cooper

This scarf display welcomes flowers in multiple iterations. From dried and pressed flowers to fresh flowers in an elegant little bowl. We also love the beautiful privacy screen covering the fireplace which won’t be used much in these warm weather months.

Start sweet and simple

Mary Craven

Transform your mantle for spring by incorporating small, simple additions. Here, flowers and statues take the mantle of simple evergreen and push it into spring with just a few touches.

Favor fans

Photo: Lori W. Glenn

Palm leaves are a great alternative to flowers on top of the mantle. Fans like these are especially loved in rooms with green or blue colors to match.

Features a focal point

Lori W. Glenn, Design: Heather Chaddock,

One large piece of beading is all you need to make a statement with your mantle, and smaller accessories for balance will look great. Here, the mirror steals the show while neutral sconces, plants, and other decor pieces surround everything.

scrambled eggs

Laurie W. Glenn

Get into the holiday spirit by adding various Easter eggs across your mantle. Combine scattered eggs with other decor that matches his color scheme, such as fresh flowers.

Lean in for a relaxed look

Gillian Jowett

Keep your scarf clean and stylish by adopting a simple look. Place a framed photo or piece of art on the edge for a gorgeous, calm and collected mantle.

Bring spring indoors

Photo: Hector Sanchez

You can’t go wrong with a stunning horizontal planter above your mantle. Display your favorite spring flowers to add color and life to your space.

Hop into it

Elizabeth Jones

Get ready for Easter with festive and stylish decor pieces. We’ll never say no to extras like bunny figurines, marble eggs, and bright tulips.

Play with pairs

Photo: Alexandra Rowley

For an interesting and balanced mantle display, work in pairs. Two of this and two of that mixed across the mantle, like matching vases and frames, will feel pulled together and complete sitting beautifully above the fireplace.

Let the room do the talking

Photo: Lori W. Glenn

If your room is already bright and blooming for spring, there’s no need to distract from the scarf. A mirror will help reflect the sunny room and other simple, neutral pieces and decor will tie it together.

frame frame

Laurie W. Glenn

Above the mantle is a prime spot for a great piece of art. To complete the display, place a simple group of embellishments on either side of the scarf so the art takes center stage.

Make it personal

Ellis Creek

Take this space to showcase your best family photos. Use coordinating frames for a cohesive look that does justice to the loved ones on your abaya. Add Easter photos from last year to your frames for seasonal detail.

Sky is the limit

Photo: Lori W. Glenn

Rest or place a long frame over the mantle that reaches the ceiling. Whether you use a mirror or a piece of art, this will increase the height of the room and will look especially stunning in rooms with high ceilings.

Embrace artful asymmetry

Ruby Caponetto; Design: Kendra Surface

While symmetry on a scarf can be fun, there’s something about a little bit of imbalance that’s interesting to the eyes. Start simple and use artwork and vases that are slightly off-center, and balance them with double sconces as shown here.

Crafting rural delight

Courtesy Gray Joyner

Balance high and low brows with this charming, rustic style of decor. This is the perfect opportunity to show off your precious and antique silver or copper collection.

Browse your best vases

Laurie W. Glenn

The mantle is the perfect place to show off your favorite antique or vintage vases. This is where Chinese craftsmanship and other fine vessels can really shine, filled with gorgeous spring arrangements.

Stick to neutrals

Photo: Lori W. Glenn

In this room, light and bright is the name of the game. The theme follows the mantle where the display is simple and clear with just two white vases in front of a silent group.

Install twin candlesticks

Hector Manuel Sanchez; Design: Lydia Purcell

The sconces on either side of the mantle are absolutely beautiful and a good source of light when it’s too hot to start a fire. Since the sconces are mounted higher on the wall, this means there is also room for more decorations underneath as well.

Create the tropical illusion

Dane Tashima, Design: Buffy Hargett-Miller

Take inspiration from the tropics and create a cape that exudes the charm of old Florida. Corals, greens and bright palms will not suit cold weather.

Be bright

Laurie W. Glenn, design: Matthew Gleason

It’s time to take advantage of beautiful, ready-made colors. It’s time for the pinks, oranges and yellows to shine above the mantle.

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