3 ways to design an autumn balcony, according to designers

3 ways to design an autumn balcony, according to designers

If you’ve ever craved a flawlessly styled fall porch on social media, but worried you didn’t have the decorating pieces needed to make it a success without the help of a professional, ask yourself: What would a designer buy? Fortunately for you, we have the answer to that question, because interviewing interior designers to get their professional insight is our mission.

With the help of some of our favorite Southern designers, we’re kicking off the “September” months — September, October, November, and December — with must-have decor for your fall porch. Think: buffalo plaid, paper wreaths, and pumpkins galore! All you have to do is click “Add to Cart” because we asked these three designers to design an Amazon porch on a $200 budget, so you don’t have to. Feel free to copy these designer-approved patterns, or mix and match them as you see fit.

Autumn porch decor approved by interior designer

  • Buagetup Black and White Striped Outdoor Rug, $18.99 with coupon (was $19.99)
  • Cancun Coco Coconut Door Mat, $18.99)
  • Deco Fall Red Floral Welcome Wreath, $34.99 (was $36.99)
  • Tresil Set of 2 Pre-Potted Boxwood, $97.77
  • Ariana Flower Pot Planter, $23.24
  • Pack of 2 36″ Artificial Boxwood Tree, $111.14 with coupon (price was $129.99)
  • Aguspagli Artificial Eucalyptus Leaves Set of 6, $13.67 with coupon (price was $17.99)
  • 30-inch Boho Pampas Wreath, $36.99
  • DearHouse Two-Pack Fall Garland Maple Leaf, $16.99 (was $17.99)
  • NuLoom Wynn Braided Indoor/Outdoor Rug, $47.75 (was $84)
  • Hello, Pumpkin Mop, $24.95
  • Veradek V-Resin Taper Planter, 2-Pack, $109.99
  • Pure Garden Mesh Design Planter Box, 2-Pack, $44.95
  • Hpc Decor Black Metallic Candle Lanterns Set of 2, $44.08 (was $49)
  • Furisin 20-Inch Autumn Eucalyptus Wreath, $21.99

It costs less than $200 to recreate each porch style, with plenty of Amazon decor items currently on sale. Check out three different ways to design a fall porch, according to Southern designers, and shop their picks below.

Style 1: Neutral black and white fall porch decor

Southern living

Designed by Andy Morse of Morse Design

the total: $195

At Morse Design in Atlanta, Georgia, Andi Morse is a full-service interior designer who focuses on everything from furnishings and renovations to new construction. When asked to design a fall porch, Morse created a neutral color palette with a combination of black and white stripes.

Beyond the fall season, Morse Design works for winter decor as well, and into spring before it needs a more pastel update.

Buagetup black and white striped outdoor rug


Morse recommends starting with mop as your porch’s base layer. “I like to double-layer the front door rug,” says Morse, who recommended layering the Kankun Coco Coir door rug below over the black-and-white striped Buagetup outdoor rug. “The double layer makes entry more comfortable,” Morse adds.

Cancun Coco Coconut Door Mat


“These two create a warm, welcoming atmosphere before you even walk in the door,” Morse adds.

Measuring 17″ x 30″, this coir doormat is several inches smaller than the black and white ones above, so the striped underlay shows from the sides, providing more texture and dimension.

Red Deco Autumn Welcome Wreath


Morse’s next pick is the Red Deco Fall Reed Floral Welcome Wreath. “This neutral wreath goes with all colors,” says Morse, making it versatile enough to match any other fall look. This faux wreath features autumnal reeds, beige berries, and a touch of pampas grass for added softness. It measures 24 inches in diameter, which means it’s the perfect size for most front doors, and requires a little fluffing to make those branches look nice and full.

Tricel Set of 2 Pre-Potted Boxwood


The Tricell Set of 2 Pre-Potted Boxwoods is the kind of balcony plant that requires absolutely no maintenance – no watering and no sun! Each pre-potted beauty contains a 24″ high ball-shaped artificial shrub that resembles a boxwood, and measures 16″ in diameter. While it comes in a modest black plastic bowl, Morse suggests “place these lids on either side of the entry door, inside a clay bowl.”

Ariana flower pot planter


Placing boxwood plants “inside a clay pot like this will make the plants look finished, and look real,” Morse explains.

Although the Bloem Ariana planter pot is made of durable resin, it looks like it is made of real terra cotta from afar. It has a 6-gallon capacity and also comes with a self-watering disc if you want to plant a real live plant in it. The plant is made in the USA and is coated with UV protection to resist fading from the sun.

Style 2: Porch decor with artificial leaves

Southern living

Designed by Kara Gordon of Sleek to Chic Interiors in Houston, Texas.

the total: $187

Cara Gordon, principal designer and founder of Sleek to Chic, selects materials for remodels or new construction, offers paint color consultations, holds virtual design sessions, and does full-service room design for furniture and decor.

“I love a front porch that’s perfectly styled for fall,” says Gordon. “The products I chose aren’t exactly fall-specific, but when coordinated with my tips, they will provide the seasonal mood we all crave this time of year.”

Pack of 2 36″ Artificial Boxwood Topiary Tree by Seven Love


“I would put the uppers on either side of the front door, whether you have a single or double front door,” Gordon explains.

Just like I mentioned, these artificial boxwood pieces (two of which are included in your purchase), are not intended for fall. However, Gordon’s fall hack turns it into the perfect porch accessory for the winter months in no time. Bring topiaries into the fall season with this next selection.

Aguspagli Artificial Eucalyptus Leaves Six Pack


Agusbagli Six-Pack Artificial Eucalyptus Leaves come in shades of red, orange, and gold, and each stem looks like it was picked straight from Vermont trees during fall foliage season.

“Take the fall stems, separate some branches, and cut the twigs,” says Gordon. “Place branches randomly throughout the topiary trees to provide just a hint of fall.”

Huashen 30 Inch Faux Boho Plains Wreath


“The pampas wreath should be hung on the front door, and can be left alone, or decorated with a bow or lights,” says Gordon.

According to Gordon, her own style tends to be minimalist, so that large, basic pieces can do the most work.

“I tend to be more minimalist when it comes to seasonal decor, so personally I’ll leave it out,” Gordon adds.

DearHouse 2 Pieces Autumn Maple Leaf


The finishing touch to Gordon’s design is a two-pack of seasonal wreaths for under $20.

“The wreath comes in a two-pack,” says Gordon. “Measure your doorway to make sure the wreaths are long enough. They should arch the entire doorway, with the ends behind the topiary.

Aricilio led fairy lights


“An optional splurge could be to add some twinkle lights,” like these fairy lights for $7, Gordon adds. But if you want to save a few bucks, you can skip this step — or grab some extra lights from your existing holiday storage space.

Style 3: Modern rustic fall porch decor

Southern living

Designed by Erika Ross of PDR Interiors in Lexington, Kentucky.

the total: $184

Based in Kentucky, Erica works as an interior designer at premier interiors firm PDR, and also has experience designing with a modern rustic aesthetic in mind. At PDR, Ross specializes in both residential homes and sorority houses, and her designs are featured in Greek residences across the country.

“When looking for items for a fall front porch, Amazon remains one of our favorite sites for affordable seasonal products,” Ross says.

For this fall porch design, Ross turned to natural fibers and textures for a rustic yet boho style.

NuLoom Wynn Braided Indoor/Outdoor Rug


Now 43 percent off, this light gray salt and pepper area rug provides texture and dimension to your entryway, but according to Ross, placing a smaller, more natural rug makes it more appealing to the eye.

“One of our biggest tips when it comes to porch decor is to layer two doormats to make a statement when guests approach your home,” Ross explains. “Use a larger fabric rug as the bottom layer, then a classic natural fiber rug on top.”

Hello, pumpkin mop


This delightful seasonal doormat – made of natural coir with a non-slip backing – is that tightly woven natural coir rug that Ross already mentioned. It measures 30 x 17 inches, has a low pile, and is handcrafted.

Pure Garden 2-Pack Mesh Design Planter Box


“Complete the look with two or more planters (that) flaunt your favorite foliage, and add a couple of lanterns with a cozy, inviting twinkle!”

Ross chose the Pure Garden Lattice Design Planter Box, which comes in a two-pack. Each one measures 14 inches high, the perfect height to display seasonal favorites like topiary or mums. Each box has a drainage hole, in case you want to display real plants, and each box is made of durable, long-lasting plastic.

HPC Decor Black Metallic Candle Lanterns Set of 2


Ross’s choice of lanterns, these matte black metal candle holders with flashing LED lights come in a set. The candles turn on and off automatically and can be used for indoor and outdoor decoration as well. Neither lantern has glass sides, so you never have to worry about it cracking or shattering in the fall winds. It brings a fresh farmhouse vibe to your porch decor.

Furisin 20 Inch Autumn Eucalyptus Wreath


Eucalyptus is a fun choice for year-round foliage, but Ross’s final choice comes with darker, moodier brown-and-yellow leaves than traditional green stems. According to Ross, this wreath represents her “favorite foliage,” and because it’s made of polyester, you can reuse it over and over again once the temperatures start to drop.

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