30 beautiful ideas to decorate your home in the spring

30 beautiful ideas to decorate your home in the spring


Enter cheery

Brian Woodcock

Refresh your hanging plants

The front porch has a white sofa decorated with blue and white patterned pillows, and there are also many spring plants scattered around
Annie Burr

Go to Pattinid Farmers

Antique fat buckets filled with soil and plants on a wooden table for vivid spring decor

Add a crust to your planting plans with these old buckets. Look for illustrated metal buckets (often decorated with gas and oil advertisements) on antique resale sites like Etsy and eBay.

Shop vintage buckets

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Adopt an open door policy

Hallway, pine storage cupboard with screened door
Buff Strickland

If you've been on the fence about trying a screened door, there's never been a better time. We love the easy, fresh feel that a screen door instantly brings to the farmhouse. Choose doors that have small structure and decorative details to enhance the design level.

Shop screen doors


Create a seasonal display

Spring decorating ideas for buffet including fabric carrot wreath, egg basket, white tulips, topiary, and potted daffodils
Becky Lugart Steiner

Stock up on mirrors

Entrance mirrors are spring decorations
Max Kim B

Take advantage of brighter days and use a variety of reflective surfaces to bounce light through your entryway. If your entryway is on the smaller side, try hanging a gallery wall of mirrors for a similar effect.

Shop for mirrors

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Organize your mudroom

A blue hallway with a dog sitting on yellow baskets with personal messages hung on the wall above
Brian Woodcock

Start the season without the chaos of last year. Give each family member their own place in the mudroom by using woven baskets designated for them to store their items. A stylish wicker umbrella holder makes it easy to store when the April rains hit.

Shop wicker hanging baskets


Style with straw hats

Hanging entryway hat displays spring decorations
Rachel Whiting

Keep your essentials easily accessible and always organized by installing a versatile coat rack in your mudroom or hallway. Sun hats and gardening bags for the glorious sunny days ahead will never be out of reach.

Shop straw hats


Fill your home with flowers

Spring pattern striped tablecloth
David Tsai

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Set up a seasonal schedule

Table with a brass rabbit atop a stack of plates and white linens with green details
Becky Lugart Steiner

Get ahead of the spring entertaining season and set a table that will keep you inspired all season long. Tip: Layer with happy spring colors and splashy print patterns to add a light and fun touch. Rabbit figurines bring a whimsical note.

Shop printed tablecloths


Go all out with the wallpaper

Kitchen painted in duck egg blue with screened door at end of kitchen
Chase Daniel

If you're ready to take on a big project, try wallpaper for a spring update. Take a cue from this galley kitchen, designed by Austin-based Sidetracked Studio, and use a floral print in bright, tonal colors for a low-effort, high-impact seasonal spin. (A copy of “Larkspur 1872” by William Morris is shown here.) Pair it with a complimentary paint color, like Sidetracked Studio did here with Jamestown Blue by Benjamin Moore, on the edge to tie it together.

Shop similar wallpapers


Taking out the baskets

Kitchen with basket set, tiled floor, open shelves and white cabinets
Carlos Garcia

The Easter Bunny isn't the only one who loves a good basket! We love the whimsical flair that a set of hanging baskets brings to the home. Plus, it provides an eye-catching storage method that may free up some much-needed closet space. (Psst… check out our other Easter basket ideas here!)

Shop wicker baskets

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Bring on the blues

Coastal dining room with blue ceiling
David Hillegas, design by Heather Chaddock Hillegas

Skirt your drains

Farmhouse kitchen with blue gingham surrounding the cabinetry and sink
Bree Williams

Give your kitchen a seasonal touch with a happy edged sink. Skilled decorators can easily sew bar pockets in an afternoon. Those who aren't inclined to experiment themselves can get this look seamless – all you need is a few clip-on loops!

Shop curtain clip rings


Producing beautiful paintings

A colorful plate displays spring decorations
Tara Dawn

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Fill your shelves with colorful glasses

Breakfast Collectibles Wine Jar Glasses,Swanky Swigs,Tumblers,Hazel Atlas Glass Co Juice Glasses
Becky Lugart Steiner

It's no secret that we love vintage here at Country Living! These charming decorative glasses add the perfect seasonal touch to your shelves.

Shop juice glasses


Beautiful up your pantry

The white country store is stocked with merchandise
Buff Strickland

Hang some rustic chic storage units

Laundry room with rustic touches
the citizens

Sure, open shelves are great! But, what about small box cubes? We love hanging them around the house where we can use some extra, accessible storage (like the laundry room!).

Shop wooden boxes

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Display seasonal artwork

A wall of antique floral paintings
Becky Lugart Steiner

If it's still too cold for fresh cut flowers, fill your home with the feel of the season by hanging a group of antique floral paintings.

Shop floral artwork


Hang a spring wreath

Easter Crafts, Spotted Egg Wreath, Easter Grass Display
David Hillegas

Garlands aren't just for the winter holidays, they're perfect for Easter too! Make time to spend a craft afternoon with the kids to create a blue speckled egg wreath.

To make: Use an awl to poke holes in the ends of the paper eggs, then paint the eggs white and the robin's egg blue and turquoise with acrylic paint. Once dry, spray paint dark blue. Thread the strings through the holes, then hang them and add tassel details, if desired.

Shop for paper eggs

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