30 best perennial flowers for your garden

30 best perennial flowers for your garden



Timo Rankinen / 500p//Getty Images

These beautiful flowers really pop against greenery or even dirt. “Tulips have cheerful white petals surrounding a bright yellow center and can provide months of summer blooms,” Hyland says.

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Black-eyed Susan

Close-up of black-eyed Susan
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Consider the black-eyed Susan, the white-and-yellow cousin of the daisy. “Black-eyed Susans are hardy plants that produce faces of golden yellow flowers with dark brown centers all summer long,” Hyland says.

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Close up of orange lily
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Lilies come in an array of colors and have a distinctive sweet scent. “Lilies offer a range of color options in classic lavender hues,” Hyland says.

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Beautiful pink peonies in summer garden on sunny day, botanical background
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Like lilies, peonies have a unique scent and are great in bouquets. “Peonies bring large, ruffled blooms in white and shades of pink,” Hyland says.

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Tulip Garden framed by trees, Sherwood Gardens
Cindy Monaghan//Getty Images

There's nothing like a beautiful, bright flower to serve as an annual reminder that spring is on its way. Tulips are diverse in color and easy to grow from bulbs. They go into the ground in late fall and emerge in early spring, just in time to shine in a seasonal centerpiece.

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False indigo blue

False blue indigo known as wild blue indigo on a cloudy day in the park
McCain Mike//Getty Images

False blue indigo, also known as wild blue indigo, is a large perennial plant, with dense clusters of deep blue-purple flowers on a long stalk. Carignan lists these as favorites.

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Purple cauliflower

Purple cauliflower
Nancybelle Gonzaga Villaroya//Getty Images

These beautiful wildflowers look like purple daisies and tend to bloom in mid to late summer. Carignan says it's a “wonderful addition” to the gardens.

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Low angle view of pink flowering plants against the sky
Maya Maco / 500px//Getty Images

No need to buy a supermarket dozen when you can grow your entire garden! There are many different types of roses – climbing vines or shrubs – to choose from. According to the American Rose Society, location is crucial when planting roses, as they need six to eight hours of sun per day.

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A bumblebee collects pollen from foxgloves
Ashley Cooper//Getty Images

Sure, the name is weird, but these perennials produce stunning pink and white flowers, depending on which type you choose. That's why Carignan says it's one of her favorite plants to grow.

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com. coreopis
Grace Carey//Getty Images

Also known as Tickseed, Coreopsis flowers have a daisy-like appearance with foliage that smells slightly like licorice. Carignan says it's a good addition to gardens.

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Close-up of yellow daffodils in a field against the sky in France
Minh Hoang Kong / 500px//Getty Images

Along with tulips, daffodils are considered the ultimate spring mascot. They are delicious and spread easily Farmers Almanac. They even do well in pots, so if you have the winter blues, you can start with some bulbs indoors.

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Bee balm

Red monada flowers
Jackie Parker Photography//Getty Images

Bee Balm is known for its unique appearance and sweet scent. “Bee balm is great, a lot of hummingbirds and bees love it,” Carignan says.

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Powerful blue asters close up
© Debbie Dalio//Getty Images

Asters have a yellow center with beautiful purple petals that bloom from late summer to early fall. “It's beautiful in the fall and important for migrating butterflies,” Carignan says.

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Joe bye weed

eristalinus quinquestriatus hoverfly and eupatorium japonicum
Little dinosaur//Getty Images

These feathery flowers—recommended by Smith—grow on tall stems and bloom in early fall. They also like sun and humid conditions.

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Blue giant hyssop

Blue giant hyssop
com. skymoon13//Getty Images

This beautiful plant smells like anise when crushed. It is hardy and native to much of north-central and northern North America, including the Great Plains.

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Jackie Parker Photography//Getty Images

If you're looking for a flower vine to brighten up a trellis or fence line, jasmine is for you. The purple-blue flowers are very vibrant and relatively easy to grow, as long as you keep up the pruning.

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Phlox garden

Garden phlox
Jackie Parker Photography//Getty Images

You probably recognize these gorgeous flowers, even if you don't know them by name. Garden phlox comes in a range of colors and is hardy, so you don't have to worry about careful maintenance. Smith is a fan.

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Sunflower Swamp

Swamp sunflower helianthus angustifolius
Morebo//Getty Images

Although the name isn't the most catchy, these daisy-like flowers do appear in gardens. They also get very tall – they can grow up to six feet!

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Round up the flowers of beeblossom or gaura lindheimeri
P. Ochasanund//Getty Images

Also known as swirling butterflies, these flowers resemble butterflies as they dance in the breeze. They are native to the dry areas of the South and do well in full sun.

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Blanket flower

Blanket flower
Mrs. Nancy//Getty Images

Also known as Gaillardia, these perennials are easy to grow and have bold red and yellow flowers. They like full sun.

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