30 spring decor ideas to turn your home into a flowering paradise

30 spring decor ideas to turn your home into a flowering paradise

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Frank Francis

Bring plants

Connecticut home
Nick Johnson

Do you have a neutral-colored background? The colorful flowers found in the butler’s pantry at Thom Filicia’s Connecticut farm are all it takes to transform this space from a drab room to an Eden-like environment. Spring decor 101: flowers, flowers, flowers.


Swap artwork

Entrance with black Dutch door, hardwood floor, white walls with hooks holding sweaters, scarf and hat, mirror, several framed pictures of dogs, and a larger framed picture of a man in a hat leaning against the wall
Roger Davies

Nathan Turner and Eric Hughes’ California ranch home is a lesson in being able to put your love on full display for your little girl…just in case your Instagram posts aren’t enough! Just one step from the entrance, past the barn-style Dutch door, visitors are greeted by a gallery wall featuring dog portraits and lithographs. Who needs cute springtime animals when these cute dogs say hello?


Incorporate spring decorations

In the TV room with pink walls is an upholstered sofa, two chairs with carved wooden arms and cocktail tables, and in the background are blue chairs and a large art painting of butterflies.
Nicole Franzen

We can’t figure out what to love more about Ramsey Lyons’ Pittsburgh Tudor home. Pastel pink decorative pillows? The large decorative eggs that populate the cocktail table? Or perhaps the gold-lined, butterfly-inspired artwork in the background? No, it’s definitely the designer’s furry pet bunnies sitting on the couch. Whatever your vote, this is proof that spring decorations can shine through a variety of decorative details.

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Flowers matched to the interior

Sheila Bridges Hudson Valley Home
Frank Francis

If, like Sheila Bridges, you’re completely committed to color, why stop there? Come spring, Bridges’s Hudson Valley home turns to her very blue bedroom with an elegant display of spiraling indigo hydrangeas. No matter how reluctantly those flowers bloomed outside, spring has officially sprung into this cheerful room!


Create a hat view

Berkus home decor
Richard Fulser

Sunny days call for trendy hats favored by Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent. On their summer vacation in Montauk, New York, a 1950s coat rack by Pierantonio Bonacina was transformed into a receptacle for the family’s hat collection. We love this elegant nod to the spring weather.


Hang spring-inspired artwork

Dining room with artwork
Dylan Thomas

Sometimes, all that’s needed to transform a room is an oversized painting. Take, for example, the larger-than-life artichokes—composed of various green brushstrokes—in the rustic, farmhouse-style dining room of Rita Konig’s English Victorian restaurant. Although it looks good enough to eat, it also channels all those spring feelings with a whimsical twist.

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Bring in nature’s creatures

Sheila Bridges North York Round Wooden Table features 6 capsules with carved birds inside
Frank Francis

We return once again to Sheila Bridges’ Hudson Valley home, a light-filled haven filled with wonderful oddities. Our favorite detail? In the living area, an antique Swedish table is topped with a collection of hand-carved birds displayed in attractive glass tops. We couldn’t think of a sweeter (or dare we say megaphone?) springtime tribute to the sunny days ahead.


Bring products

Tour of Carlos Mota's house
Bjorn Wallander

Giving your home a spring touch doesn’t have to mean skimping on flowers. At Carlos Mota’s beach house in Peru, a basket of surplus grapes atop an Indonesian table proves a new addition to the scheme… at least until grumpy guests get their hands on it.


Bring colorful books

The salon has a six-glass chandelier in the middle, bookshelves in the background, a purple and pink sofa, two upholstered chairs, a floor lamp with a branch-shaped vase, several side tables, and a blue patterned rug.
Trevor Tondro

Forget the tacky rabbit figurines. Marc Valeanu’s Parisian apartment features a bookshelf lined with colorful spikes that add color and liveliness to the space. Bring a variety of colorful pillows, and you’ll catch your spring allergies before the weather even gets there.

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Go green

Decor Steven Gamble
Douglas Friedman

Nothing says spring like fresh hues of green. This bedroom in an Upper East Side apartment designed by Steven Gamble is an apt example, with plush emerald pillows and blankets that practically beg you to dive into them.


Bring colorful wall accessories

Orange glass topped dining table with woven rattan legs, brightly painted chairs in various colors, multi-colored patterned rug, five pendant lamps, bright baskets with a swirly pattern and resin art hanging on the wall
Stephen Julliard

Color, color, and more color! When redesigning his friend Florence Grinda’s villa in Portugal, Jacques Grange wanted to enjoy the cheerful atmosphere of spring all year round. Whether you’re a fan of summer all year round or prefer to change things up, it’s easy to add a pop of color with colorful wall art. In Villa Grinda’s dining room, Grange repainted a set of 1960s Bowman chairs that sit atop cheerful Rouge Republic rugs, all complemented by dishes scattered on the wall in rainbow colors. Why are you backing down?


Textile swap

Living room with large window
Courtesy McGee & Company

Warmer weather means you can ditch your heavy blankets and pillows for lighter linens. Shea McGee’s Spring 2024 collection, shown here, features a plethora of neutral-hued pillows that will give any room a touch of spring-inspired elegance. “Layering light-colored rugs and pillows for a touch of coziness will infuse your space with new, refreshing energy ahead of summer,” says Shea McGee of Studio McGee.

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flower decor

The guest room has a small window, two twin beds with rustic wooden frames, aqua-print blankets, blue-print sheets, several pillows, a shelf at the head of the bed containing two lamps and a fish painting.
Stephen Julliard

While nothing beats fresh flowers, a flower sculpture will last much longer. The guest room of this Jacques Grange-designed villa in Portugal features playful tulips complete with floral patterned pillows. Proof that there is more than one way to stop and smell the roses.


Bring tree branches

White table with a vase and a plant
Maureen M. Evans

Everyone does it, because sometimes, you can’t reinvent a classic. Arranging sprigs of tree branches in a beautiful vase, as Matthew Harris did at his Pearl in Lisbon, brings spring straight into your kitchen.


Decorate it with delicate ornaments and place it on the table top

In the dining room, several sconces sit on a rectangular limestone table with eight chairs and a simple chandelier above it, a cabinet with glass doors and two carved figures above it and an artwork
Steven Kent Johnson

Are you looking to bring something low-key and an unforgettable look? Take notes from ELLE DECOR A-List designers Ashe Leandro, who nipped triviality in the bud (literally) by decorating the custom Denise Nelson travertine dining table in this Park Avenue townhouse with assorted glass bowls filled with flower sprigs. We are enchanted!

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Whimsical vases

Modern pendants
Miguel Flores Viana

Don’t be afraid, the wallpaper can stay put. For a playful touch of spring energy in her Madrid apartment, Isabel Lopez Quesada brought two guests — a pair of parrot vases. No shouting, but a lot of heads will turn in their direction.


Bring on the plants

Bedroom with bed and lamp

Few things beat the style of a tasteful headboard. Into the master bedroom of her charming Scandinavian-style home on a Minnesota lake, Anne MacDonald brought material she described as “a feminine take on the Scandinavian home without being too granny.” Spring has spread all year long!


Embrace yellow visits

Interior design with spring style floral decor table setting with mimosa and tulips, spring Easter, Mother's Day, Women's Day
Marina Terlitska//Getty Images

Let’s roll out the welcome mat for spring! A simple switch of candles transforms this room into a cheery springtime scheme. These yellow taper candles, when paired with cheerful florals, don’t even need to be lit to spark joy.

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Add pom poms

Easter tree decor
Brittany Watson Jepsen

If you’re tired of the same artificial spring decorations, add your colorful flair to something from your backyard. This pom pom Easter tree is as fresh as it is funky. “It’s a beautiful way to add a handcrafted touch while maintaining elegance,” says Brittany Watson Jepsen, founder and creative director of The House That Lars Built.


Green and more green

Spring garden decor
Lori Rudd

Lori Rudd customized her console table for spring by conjuring up the best visions of the season. “An abundance of bunnies, flowers, and baskets of greenery were arranged cohesively and were meant to represent the beginning of Easter,” she explains.

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