33 simple and smart garden trellis ideas

33 simple and smart garden trellis ideas


Cottage garden arch

Elenathaways//Getty Images

This classic garden arch makes an attractive entrance to your home or backyard, but have you been training climbing roses above it? surprising.

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Fence trellis

Green curtain on wooden fence
Sakura bin//Getty Images

With its large openings, a mesh fence doesn't tend to provide much privacy—until you start training some morning glories or jasmine on top of it. Then you have a nice looking screen that can provide semi-privacy while also helping to develop something!


Trellis of old grape branches

Flowers on a trellis, close-up
Juner pictures//Getty Images

One of the easiest things you can do is design a trellis from materials you already have on hand. Here, some of the thicker branches of the old vines were woven together using some of the thinner vines, then left to dry.

This makes a great lightweight trellis for small vines such as sweet peas.

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Vintage ladder

Old wooden ladder
level//Getty Images

Ivy, Virginia creeper and other vines don't need much encouragement, especially during the growing season.

You can attach an antique ladder to your exterior wall or shed — either leaning and secured directly at the top, or securely at the top and bottom — and then direct a few tendrils to start making your way up.


Salvaged window trellis

Potted jasmine flowers growing as a salvaged window trellis, displayed on a rustic table with pots, watering cans and garden tools
Becky Stairer

A salvaged window makes the perfect support for a climbing vine, such as star jasmine.

Remove the glass panels and hang them on the wall or rest them on your potting shed workbench.


Mobile trellis

Option Fund Project
Dorling Kindersley: Will heap//Getty Images

Perfect for growing vegetables, like these cucumbers, this container garden trellis idea allows you to grow beans, tomatoes, or other “tall” vegetable vegetables without having to put them in the ground.

You can also move the plant into a greenhouse or indoors during cold spells or to avoid hungry nocturnal critters.

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Branches and strings trellis

Purple sweet pea flowers grow on a rustic trellis of fodder branches and string
tori photo//Getty Images

We love the rustic look of sweet peas mixed with cut saplings, such as poplar or birch, tied with twine. Get large sticks from your garden, then tie them together informally at the top.

This won't hold heavy plants, but is good for annuals like sweet peas or morning glories.


Vintage fence trellis

White roses growing on a trellis
Helen Norman//Getty Images

Place an antique fence piece over your home for a quick and easy solution to climbing plants. Shop at flea markets for the best finds.


DIY pergola

Diy trellis ideas
A piece of the rainbow

Pergolas can be used not only as a support structure for vines such as clematis, but they also provide shade.

Before construction, contact your local utilities to determine the location of the subway lines because you will need to sink the poles by at least a quarter of their height.

Get the tutorial at Piece of the Rainbow.

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T Post Trellis

Diy trellis ideas
New York Scratch Chicken

This beautiful, rustic little trellis can be made from poles, poplar branches, and twine, although you can use zip ties, too. Use larger branches at the bottom and smaller branches at the top, alternating thick ends in each row.

Get the tutorial at Chicken Scratch NY.


Honeycomb trellis

Diy trellis ideas
Mama needs a project

Beautiful in its own right, this hexagon honeycomb trellis will add a serious touch to your property.

Use a miter saw to make hexagonal cuts, then attach the trellis to the fence, making sure it is secured to all horizontal supports.

Get the tutorial at Mama Needs a Project.


Plastic mesh trellis

Plastic mesh garden trellis ideas
Tanis//Getty Images

For a simple plant trellis that will last a few seasons, attach plastic mesh, also known as poultry netting, to 2-pound metal garden stakes. You're done in a few minutes!

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Winding trees

This privacy fence trellis idea features a long row of winding apple trees
Getty Images

Espalier is a form of pruning that allows trees to grow flat against a wall or in a line.

Although not strictly a “trellis,” espaliers provide a fence-like appearance for privacy—although the technique takes time and effort to achieve.

Get better tips from Oregon State University.


Fancy trellis

Diy trellis ideas

This beautifully crafted trellis is perfect for showing off at the entrance to your home, especially covered with a flowering vine like clematis. Be sure to use pressure treated wood and stain/sealer so it will stand the test of time.

Get the tutorial at HandyDadTV.


Bamboo trellis

Bamboo garden trellis ideas
Kievith//Getty Images

Bamboo lasts forever! Buy a bundle of long bamboo pieces, tilt them toward each other, and tape the tops together. You have a bean tunnel that can be easily disassembled and stored in the winter.

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Cedar clematis trellis board

Diy trellis ideas
Daughter of a handyman

Spruce up your boring backyard fence with a trellis that will give flowering vines, like jasmine, the support they need to climb high. For this project, cedar boards cut into short strips form a simple trellis.

Get the tutorial at The Handyman's Daughter.


Wire wall trellis

Diy trellis ideas
Saving living

Get green plants on your bricks with this wire trellis, which uses construction anchors, eye hooks and cable wire to create a foundation for covering your plants.

Get the tutorial at Rescued Living.


Fir board trellis with planter box

Diy trellis ideas
Deuce Cities Innhouse

Two projects in one, this trellis sits inside a handy planter. The box has wheels mounted at the bottom, making it easy to move when necessary.

Get the tutorial at Deuce Cities Henhouse.

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Copper trellis without welding

DIY copper trellis
33 shades of green

You don't need to be able to weld to assemble this beautiful copper pipe trellis – it's made with super strong glue! Copper will age to a beautiful appearance over time.

Get the tutorial in 33 Shades of Green.


Rustic birch trellis ladder

DIY trellis ladder
Ashby design

Whether you want to use this house ladder as a trellis or as seasonal decor, it is a beautiful addition to your porch or patio. Make them from small tips sourced from your garden.

Get the tutorial at Ashbee Design.

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