40 best small garden ideas

40 best small garden ideas


Build an arched trellis

Hand farm

Think raised beds

Small raised garden bed
Trapped designer

Use terracotta pots

A collection of potted plants outside the building
Jane Merritt/The House That Lars Built

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Make a sun catcher

Yellow sunflower garden decoration
Cheerfully worded

Make a wheelbarrow garden

Tuberous begonia in a wheelbarrow
Sergio Amiti//Getty Images

Reuse vinyl gutters

DIY Hanging Gutter Planters
Beautiful in the Pines

If you don't have enough space in the backyard, hang flower pots filled with flowers from the balcony. White vinyl guttering and about 20 feet of nylon rope are the main components of this gorgeous hanging garden.

Get the tutorial at Pretty in the Pines »

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Use plant supports

Raised garden bed ideas
Designed by Tilly

Help your crops grow taller and straighter with metal support stakes. Keep your plants off the ground and give them better access to sunlight, while adding visual interest to your small garden.

Shop for plant support


Incorporate a small pond

Courtyard garden with small pond
Doula//Getty Images

Make room for a small fish pond surrounded by natural paving stones, then fill the area with lush shrubs and flowers. You'll probably want to start with a pond liner, but keep in mind that you'll need a combination of items to keep the fish alive (such as a pond pump and filter).


Stay organized with plant based markers

A garden with a black box
Tater tots and jello

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Choose a sunny setting

Raised garden bed
Cody Coleman for Telly

Side yard conversion

Side garden Small backyard with hammock
The house that lars

Make the most of small spaces

Entrance to the beautiful small garden
Julia Bondar//Getty Images

If all you have is a small patio, use potted plants and dangling vines to breathe life into the space. The end result is incredibly charming!

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Add artificial turf stones

Small garden ideas, artificial grass stepping stones
Sugar and cloth

You may not have a big lawn, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a little grass — even if it's fake. These artificial grass stepping stones are inexpensive to make yourself.

Get the tutorial at Sugar & Cloth »


Planting a mesh green wall

Small garden ideas

Poetic obsessed? For an unexpected touch to your garden, let the pattern lay the foundation for a green wall.


Tone with wind chime

Small garden ideas, wind chime
Christian Durocher

Instantly elevate a small garden space with a beautiful birdhouse wind chime, as designer Kate Ann does here. Not only will this attract birds to your garden, but it will create a soothing sound in the process.

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Fill a tray with plants

Succulent planter
Buff Strickland

This metal table, originally intended for serving drinks, is now filled with Irish moss and succulents on the patio.


Planting a cocktail garden

Small garden ideas, cocktail garden
Inspired by magic

You guessed it! A cocktail garden is a space dedicated to growing delicious drink ingredients. Eat herbs such as mint, basil, and sage, as well as fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, cherries, and peppers.

Get the tutorial at Inspired by Charm »


Set up a gardening station

Small garden ideas, gardening station
Helen Norman

Create a designated place to grow and prune your outdoor plants. The best part? This table is made from a few galvanized barrels and an old wooden door.

Shop galvanized drums

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Build a pallet garden

Pallet planter
Buff Strickland

Attach the crock pots to a pallet with nails and stainless steel cable ties for a vivid artistic display that keeps your rosemary and basil at the ready. Empty the pots so your plants have room to grow.

Shop utensils


Fill the pergola with greens

Small garden ideas, pergola
Elke Borkowski; GAP/L photos

Grow your garden vertically by trailing plants along the sides of a pergola, fence or exterior wall. English ivy, pothos, and Russian vines are great choices.

Screenshot by Alyssa Gutierre

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