5 Easy Backyard Planting Plans You Can Do Now

5 Easy Backyard Planting Plans You Can Do Now

Creating a beautifully planted backyard is all in the planning, and the downtime from garden work provided by the cool season is the perfect time to do it. Once your garden’s growing season is over and the last of the fall flowers have faded, it’s time to take an overview of what worked and what didn’t, and come up with a planting wish list for next year that delivers exactly what you want.

Planting is an essential component of any well-designed garden, and it’s even more important to do it right if you’re a city gardener and space is limited. A year-round combination of lively spring planting, an abundance of summer blooms, plenty of rich fall color and enough winter interest to keep the display going is the magic formula, with each individual plant earning its place in your planting scheme.

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