5 flowers perfect for pressing this fall

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As summer turns to fall, there is more time to spend indoors working on crafts. Pressing flowers is a great way to work with your hands and create wall art or cards featuring elements of nature, allowing you to enjoy some of the great outdoors while you’re indoors. Of course, spring and summer instantly conjure images of freshly cut flowers, but there are still plenty of flowers to work with during the fall season.

We’ve compiled a list of five flowers that work well in pressing flowers. From jasmines to dahlias and tulips, these flowers will brighten up your art project and give you inspiration.

Once your flowers are picked, you’ll be ready to start pressing. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. At My Modern Met Academy, we turn to flower pressing artist Anna Zakirova to show how fresh flowers can become art in her classroom Beyond Bouquets: Transforming pressed flowers into one-of-a-kind art.

In this hour-long online class, she will teach you all the skills needed to press fresh flowers and inspire you to create your own creations. And since it’s available on demand, you can watch it as many times as you want, anytime you want.

So let’s see which flowers are particularly suitable for this craft and then get started.

Here are 5 fall flowers that are perfect for pressing flowers this fall.

Purple clematis

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There is a wide variety of this climbing plant, which is divided into three groups. Their flowering time depends on the group they belong to, with the third group flowering in both summer and fall. Jasmine comes in many bright and vibrant colors, and with a single layer of petals, it is perfect for pressing.

Orange dahlia

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Since most dahlias bloom until the first frost in the fall, they make a great choice for pressing flowers throughout September and October. Available in a rainbow of colors, you’ll find dahlias as an endless source of inspiration.

Flower of the universe

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The universe will flourish until temperatures drop. In fact, the universe is actually the October birth flower. These delicate flowers make a wonderful addition to any composition.


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Pansies are a hardy and versatile plant that can brighten up your garden in the winter, making them a great choice for pressing flowers in the colder months. Not only that, it will keep its shape well and is available in many colors.

Wild gerbera.  orange.  Yellow red flowers.  Flowers in nature

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Gerbera daisy

With their bright colors and low-maintenance care, Gerbera daisies are a great choice for pressing. These flowers are easy to find in fall colors, so you can create a rich combination of red, orange and yellow.

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