5 small shrubs that you can plant in your home garden

5 small shrubs that you can plant in your home garden

Growing beautiful plants in your small home garden is as important as any other hobby. Gardening can make you feel relaxed as it also helps you decorate your home. If you are looking for some small plants to keep in your home garden, here are some small shrubs that you can grow. Some are low-maintenance, others produce a scent, but all work to beautify your space.

Butterfly bush

If you are looking for small shrubs for your garden that produce small but vibrant flowers and give off a fragrant scent, then you should plant a butterfly bush in your home garden. These shrubs are very low maintenance, thriving in direct sun and persisting from mid-summer to winter under the right conditions.


With more than 70 species, hydrangea is one of the most beautiful shrubs to have in the home. They produce flowers in blue, purple, yellow, white, pink etc. and can be used as home decor. The quality and pH of the soil affect the color of flowers. These shrubs are usually low maintenance. However, make sure the soil is well-drained, and water and prune it occasionally.

Fake orange

Add plenty of fragrance to your home garden with the Mock Orange shrub. The shrub can grow up to six to fifteen feet tall. They produce clustered white flowers with four petals usually with a sweet, honey-like scent. Water it regularly, keep it in direct sunlight, and make sure the soil is moist.

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Japanese maple

While Japanese maples can be grown as trees and shrubs, you must consider their growing conditions to ascertain their type. Smaller types of Japanese maple trees can grow multiple stems from the ground making them look like a shrub or shrub. Regular pruning can help you maintain its bushy appearance. You can purchase dwarf Japanese maple trees for small spaces.


One of the low-maintenance shrubs (low-maintenance flowers) that you can grow in your home garden is boxwood. These shrubs grow on their own and persist almost all year round. Depending on the variety, they can thrive in direct and indirect sunlight.

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Plant these small shrubs in your garden and beautify your home. If you liked this story, follow HerZindagi for more!

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