5 ways to use fresh flowers in your home, according to experts

5 ways to use fresh flowers in your home, according to experts

Colorful and cheerful cut flowers are a secret weapon when it comes to interior design.

Whether it’s filling your entryway with their wonderfully fresh scent, adding a pop of color to timeless decor with vibrant florals, or welcoming guests with stunning tablescapes, they can help you transform a space with minimal effort.

In partnership with Freddie’s Flowers, which just launched a new flexible gifting service — which means our popular subscription-only seasonal flower boxes are now available for purchase as one-time or multiple gifts — we spoke to the experts about how to use fresh flowers to give your home a spring upgrade.

Play with color and proportion


Courtesy of Zeena Shah

“Flowers have the ability to bring so much joy to a space,” says designer Zeena Shah. ‘I always choose bold, bright flowers for a bit of color therapy. They also provide a focal point – I think of them as art.’ Popular color combinations now include everything pink with rich purple or fresh peach mixed with soothing lavender.

“Be brave with proportions – I love larger blooms like big-headed garden roses and peonies, but I’ll mix them with stock and larkspur for extra interest,” adds interior designer Sophie Warren-Smith. “And always have a few legs longer than others.”

Take advantage of trends without having to redesign

Bedroom designed by Sarah Vanrenencom.pinterest

Sarah Vanrennen

“This season, designers are using an eclectic mix of flowers rather than just one or two,” says Lee Trethewey, interior design expert at Sustainable Furniture. Key flowers for achieving this look include lilies, chrysanthemums, delphiniums, stocks and tulips.

“There are also plenty of ’70s-inspired arrangements with a vibrant yellow and orange color palette — the brighter and bolder the better,” Lee adds. “I see more extremes in terms of color and size,” agrees Zeina. “More means more and color actually creates a much-needed boost of dopamine.” Sustainability is also key, with an increasing emphasis on seasonal stems.

If you’re looking for the best of the season, Freddie’s Flowers works closely with growers in the UK and abroad to plan arrangements that showcase different colors and varieties throughout the year – from tulips in April to peonies in June. The brand also puts sustainability at its heart, with flowers grown to avoid unnecessary waste, and recyclable or biodegradable packaging is used as standard.

Coordinate your vase with your flowers

Freddy's flowerscom.pinterest

Jenny Kakoudakis

“The choice of vase is important, because you want something that stands out but still complements the tone and color palette of the room,” explains interior designer Rudolf Diesel. ‘Glassware filled with greenery is perfect in a modern living room, while ceramic pitchers with pastel tulips add a rustic look to kitchens.

“I love large vases filled with gorgeous flowers, like white lilies, peonies, or hydrangeas, placed atop sideboards or console tables for an elegant aesthetic. Match your vase and flowers to the ambiance you want to create—think soft pink roses in vases Small, curved flowers create a romantic feel in the bedroom, and bold dahlias in a gorgeous black vase make a dramatic centerpiece for the dining room.’

Don’t forget the smell

Freddy's spring flower boxescom.pinterest

Freddy’s flowers

“I love adding sprigs of fresh lavender or eucalyptus to arrangements — they both smell amazing,” says interior design blogger Kate Baxter.

“Lavender and sometimes rosemary, mint and sage look great mixed with flowers on a table or kitchen countertop, and of course they smell heavenly,” agrees designer Sarah Vanrennen.

Sort by height and type

How to arrange flowerscom.pinterest


“Remove foliage from the bottom of the stems to avoid murky water, then sort the stems by height and type,” advises blogger and designer Jenny Kakoudakis. “Place the tallest stems in a triangle shape first, then add medium-length stems before using the shorter stems and foliage around the edges. Snip an inch off the bottom diagonally before adding them to the vase to help the flowers stay moist longer.”

You’re guaranteed long-lasting flowers when you give a gift through Freddie’s Flowers. Seasonal flowers arrive in bud, rather than fully bloomed, so you can enjoy them at their best, and they will last for up to two weeks or more.

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