6 stylish ways to incorporate indoor plants into your home decor

6 stylish ways to incorporate indoor plants into your home decor

Ready to incorporate plants into your decor?

You don't have to just throw a plant by the window or throw a fern on the table. There are other really great ways to use plants in your home. Here are expert tips on how to up your plant decor game — and feel better because of it.

1. Treat plants like large furniture

“I love the saying ‘go big or go home,’ especially when it comes to designing with plants,” says Hilton Carter, a plant and interior designer, and author of five books on biophilic design—including his latest. Wildlife: How to Plant Your Home and Cultivate Happiness. “Think of a large plant as a piece of furniture. It can add the perfect touch to a room as an accent piece.

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Accent pieces can be especially effective in vacant corners, suggests certified garden designer Mike Lansing, co-founder and managing editor of Planter's Digest, an online publication for garden enthusiasts. “Use a large or tall plant, such as a bird of paradise,” he says. “The plant fills the space and softens the edges, giving the impression of a soft corner.”

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2. Think outside the container

Using recycled containers instead of traditional planters can expand your horizons. “Old suitcases, watering cans and even teacups can become charming plant houses,” says interior designer Mohamed Ahmed, founder of The Home Guidance, a site dedicated to home design tips and reviews.

Terrariums are another idea. You can even incorporate them into coffee tables, suggests interior designer Robin Burrell, CEO and principal designer at Signature Home Services, an interior design, renovation and home concierge company in Keller, Texas. “Talk about a centerpiece,” she says. “This elegant addition doesn't jump out at people until they're completely immersed in the space and seated — but then they can't stop admiring it.”

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3. Divide and conquer

Do you feel like your open floor plan is a little open? “Use large, leafy plants to define spaces within the room. This not only adds a decorative touch, but also provides a sense of privacy and definition to different areas,” says Zahid Adnan, founder of The Plant Bible, a gardening website that offers plant information and tips.

Plants can be used anywhere you might want to carve large spaces into smaller, more functional spaces, such as adding a home office to the living room, or perhaps a home gym or reading nook in the living room. “Using plants in (open) shelving or placing them atop pony walls can provide a greater sense of division between spaces without completely closing things off,” Burrell says.

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4. Embrace vertical space

Hanging plants don't have to be just for the outdoors. “Explore the vertical dimension by incorporating hanging planters, wall-mounted shelves or trellises,” says Adnan. “This not only saves floor space, but also adds a captivating visual element.”

Ahmed echoes this idea, “A group of pothos or philodendrons in a macrame hanger for a bohemian feel. Chic geometric terrariums with air plants for a modern touch. Or hang a mini-forest with a DIY kokedama moss ball chandelier.”

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