7 Amazing Nurseries to Add Some Gorgeous Planters to Your Garden in Gurugram!

7 Amazing Nurseries to Add Some Gorgeous Planters to Your Garden in Gurugram!

Are you also one of those people who look to plants to fill all the nooks and crannies in your homes and of course the gardens? Well, we all have to agree that some wonderful plantings not only add an element of beauty to our homes and gardens, but also act as natural air purifiers, and let’s agree that with alarming levels of pollution, this is the least we can do at our level. . So, for all the gardening enthusiasts, we have curated a list of carefully selected plant nurseries for you to shop from and add an element of greenery to your homes and gardens in Gurugram. Read on!

1. Florina Nursery

Florina Nursery is a very famous nursery in Gurugram and a hub for all gardening lovers. They have a large variety of planters that you can place in certain corners of your home to beautify it or add to your garden to make it look greener and fuller. We’re heading to Florina to check out its diversity and suggest you do too!

where | Florina Nursery – MG Road, Sikanderpur, Sector 24, DLF Phase 1
Contact them | +91 8800 105 749

2. House of plants and the environment

From native plants and flowers to exotic plants and flowers, Plants House & Enviro has it all. From money plant to snake plant, from English ivy to fern, from cactus to vibrant flowers – their extensive collection is home to all these growers and many others. This is the perfect nursery if you’re looking for small, indoor plants to spruce up your space!

where | House of Plants and Environment – Sector 42, Golf Course Road
Contact them | +91 8700 531 912

3. Sapna Nursery

Among the best nurseries in Delhi NCR, Sapna Nurseries grows plants in open fields, container fields and greenhouses. From small trees to shrubs to herbaceous plants, you will find it all to choose from. Well, you should stop by to pick some new planters and add them to your balcony garden to beautify it even more!

where Sapna Nursery – Old Delhi Road Gurugram, Rajiv Nagar, Sector 13
Timings | 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Contact them | +91 7042 958 525

4. Pooja Nursery

Image credits: Saurabh Kushwaha

Another famous nursery in Gurugram is Pooja Nursery. They make sure all your farming needs are met with their wide range of farmers. If you’re looking for small plants to add to your living space or something huge for your garden, you’ll find it all under one roof here. So people, without thinking again, check it out!

where | Pooja Nursery – Vikas Marg, Block F, Sector 50, South City II
Timings | 6:30 AM – 8:00 PM
Contact them | + 91 9205 371 344

5. Jagdamba Nursery

Known for its various types of planters and wide range of pots, Jagdamba Nursery is another must-visit nursery for all gardening enthusiasts. Their specialty is astebia, oxygen plants and flower plants. So guys, be sure to check them out and shop for your favorite growlers at affordable prices!

where | Jagdamba Nursery – 9, Near Dreams Mall, Mata Wali Galle, Sector 7
Contact them | +91 9953 774 364

6. Sonam Nursery

Image credits: Yash Gupta

Who doesn’t love adding some vibrant and exotic flowers to their garden? Well, Sonam Nursery has a lot of flower plants as well as other amazing plantings that you need to add to your gardens. So, when you are out buying plants, make sure to visit Sonam Nursery and pick out your favorite plants!

where | Sonam Nursery – Building D, Sector 57, Ex Golf Course Road
Contact them | +91 8860 456 058

7. Garden Lovers Botanical Boutique and Café

A nursery as well as a cafe? Well, you can be sure to find such interesting concepts in your beloved city. Garden Lovers is a wonderful restaurant and nursery where you can purchase plantings to liven up your space. So folks, if you haven’t checked out this interesting cafe and nursery, take this as your mark and head over!

where | Garden Lovers Botanical Boutique & Café – Ground Floor, MGF Plaza Mall
Contact them | +91 98186 31 097

So which of these plant nurseries will you turn to first?

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