7 Best Flower Subscriptions, Delivered by Valentine’s Day

7 Best Flower Subscriptions, Delivered by Valentine’s Day

  • Price structure: Starting at $85
  • Delivery frequency: Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly
  • Last day to ship on Valentine’s Day: February 14 for Manhattan residents; February 13 for East Coast residents.

Flowerbx tulip subscription

Flowerbx classic subscription

Flowerbx premium subscription

Photo: Courtesy of Farmgirl Flowers

Farmgirl Flowers differentiates itself by offering most of its bouquets in recycled, biodegradable burlap coffee bags and sourcing a selection of its flowers from local flower farms. Their subscription model lets you choose from six different types of arrangements and choose a frequency of once a week, every two weeks, or once a month. In Farmgirl’s favorite fun-sized burlap-wrapped bouquet, you won’t know exactly what flowers you’ll get, but that’s half the fun. And for flower lovers who prefer arranging their own flowers, Farmgirl has what they call The Market Haul, which includes 35 stems of three to four types of flowers to arrange into one large, beautiful bouquet or sprinkle throughout your home.

Why we love it

They say it’s the thought that counts, and Farmgirl goes the extra mile to really think about flower delivery. As a women’s enterprise and primarily female-led, the company is the customer. Every little detail is carefully considered, from the type of flower to the bow that envelops the bouquet.

Our favorite choice for Valentine’s Day flower arrangements

Enjoy rustic charm with fresh, burlap-wrapped blooms from Farmgirl’s Work of Heart – it’s the brand’s largest selection ever, featuring over 40 seasonal, farm-fresh stems. Want to go the extra mile? Add a box of chocolates, cookies, or gummy bears.

  • Price structure: Fun size burlap-wrapped bouquet (15 stems $59)
  • Delivery frequency: Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly
  • Last day to ship on Valentine’s Day: February 6 (shipping costs vary by location).

Fun size burlap-wrapped farmhouse bouquet

Large farmhouse bouquet wrapped in burlap

Photo: Courtesy of Matilda Blombox

It’s rare to get a bouquet of local flowers, but Matilda’s Bloombox hopes to bring one to your door — and better yet, they’ll send you fresh cut flowers to make your own into your own bouquet. The company focuses on flowers grown by in-season farmers (like peonies picked in Oregon and ranunculus sourced from San Diego), supporting small businesses and the idea that your flowers don’t need to travel internationally to get to you. In terms of their subscription plans, Matilda’s Bloombox offers an incredibly flexible plan, which can come as often as you want. Offers are adjusted based on what is thriving and available.

Why we love it

It’s more than just a flower arrangement. There’s a sense of pride that comes with creating your own bouquet, and Matilda’s Bloombox brings that to the forefront with their DIY aspect. It’s also always fun to gather some friends or family and put together your own bouquet.

Our favorite choice for Valentine’s Day flower arrangements

By focusing on the most seasonally appropriate varieties, Matilda’s Bloombox is constantly changing. But there is one certainty? You – or your giftee – are guaranteed to receive a rich and well-appointed arrangement.

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