7 long-lasting fresh cut flowers for lasting arrangements

7 long-lasting fresh cut flowers for lasting arrangements

It's happened to all of us: You carefully scan bouquets at the grocery store to find a fresh-looking bouquet, or you pick some flowers from your garden to display in a vase — but after a few days, they're all sadly drooping. And dropping petals like a four-year-old flower girl. there We are Ways to Make Cut Flowers Look Taller Hint: Change the water daily But it's also an unfortunate reality that some types of flowers won't stay upright and bright for more than a few days. If you're tired of disappointing wilting arrangements, look for these flowers that last.


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This popular fall flower, known as mum, is a great choice for bouquets, as the flowers can last for up to two weeks. In fact, if you have a few flowers that last longer than the rest of your arrangement, there's a good chance they are mums. Chrysanthemums come in a variety of colors and petal shapes, including button mums (popular in fall gardens), anemones, cabbages, spiderworts, spoonbreads, and dahlias.

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As a houseplant, orchids can last for weeks or even months. They won't live as long as cut flowers, but most varieties will last at least two weeks. If you want orchids with strong staying power, look for cymbidium species. These types of orchids offer the most durable flowers, sometimes living for four weeks or more.


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Any bouquet you bought at the grocery store will likely contain at least one carnation, and it's always one of the last flowers left. Carnations can stay in a vase for up to three weeks, as long as you keep them out of direct sunlight and heat and update the water regularly. They are also one of the most versatile flowers, and can easily be dyed any color of the rainbow.


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If you want to grow flowers in your garden for cutting, prioritize zinnias that can have purple, red, orange, white, pink or yellow flowers. They are a favorite among pollinators, including butterflies, and when you decide to cut some of the stems to bring them indoors, they will last for up to 12 days in the vase.


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Also known as the Peruvian lily, it is another popular choice for bouquets. This similar lily grows several flowers on each stem, which helps create a complete flower arrangement. Each individual flower usually lasts for about a week, but because each stem contains multiple flowers, a group of Alstroemeria can last up to two weeks in a vase with all the buds open.


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Similar to Alstroemeria, a single lily stem (particularly oriental lilies) can contain several flowers that bloom at different times. If you are purchasing a bouquet of lilies, look for flowers that are not yet fully open. Once arranged in a vase, they will slowly open over a few days, and last up to two weeks.


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You may not see alliums as often as some other cut flowers, but they are a great choice for a bouquet. They have long, stiff stems that won't droop in the vase, and since they grow so tall (some varieties stretch up to 4 feet), they're easy to cut to whatever height you want.

Most will last up to two weeks in a vase as long as you change the water regularly. Also known as ornamental onions, the stems of these flowers can smell a bit like green onions, so if you leave them in the same water for too long, you may start to notice the smell.

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