7 shrubs to prune this month |

7 shrubs to prune this month |

April is an exciting time in the gardening calendar. As spring weather arrives, conditions become more ideal for spending time in the garden accomplishing important pruning tasks.

While winter pruning can mean lots of layers and cold fingers, spring pruning can be a much more enjoyable experience. There may be many plants to prune for spring in your backyard this month as well, as it can be an ideal time to prune a lot of the common shrubs and perennials in your borders.

In addition to pruning in April to tidy up your shrubs, you can also be busy adding more to your garden as there may be plenty to plant in April as well. Although there may be a lot of jobs worthy of your attention this month, be sure to keep pruning near the top of your to-do list.

(Image source: Getty Images/Photographer Basak Gurbuz Derman)

What can you prune in April?

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