$8 Aldi “living decor” that comes with a storage gem

$8 Aldi “living decor” that comes with a storage gem

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If you live near Aldi and haven’t yet entered the doors of the discount German grocery store, take this as your cue to head there Immediately And enjoy some big savings on your next grocery bill. If you’re an Aldi regular (or superfan!) you probably already know all about the delicious snack steals, seasonal meal specials, and adorable stocking finds found throughout the store. But there’s something else I recommend you take on your next trip – some double-duty decorations.

While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the beautiful flower and gardening section. Just last week, Aldi dropped this beautiful hyacinth in a pressed glass vase (for just $3.79!), and this week, amid the winter gloom, they have a second dose of spring waiting for you in the plant section with tulips in a cup vase.

This elegant cylindrical glass vase and three tulip bulbs are a pre-spring steal, at just $7.99. I chose a mix of red and yellow tulips, choosing flowers that were on the cusp of blooming to maximize the enjoyment of the blooming time. With assorted colors – pink, red, white and yellow – to choose from, you’re sure to find a color that appeals to your taste. I couldn’t wait to bring them home to display on my dining room table.

After a few weeks when your flowers bloom and begin to wilt, feel free to dispose of them, but then be sure to save your stunning glass vase for use this spring and beyond. Fill with fresh cut flowers, bright oranges or apples, colorful jelly beans or whole coffee beans and then place a candle for a beautiful scent and ambiance in your kitchen or as a dining table centerpiece. You can also use it as a stylish storage vessel for craft supplies, cosmetics or kitchen tools.

However you choose to reuse it, just be sure to hurry to your local Aldi — because fanatics know that seasonal finds like these won’t last long in the store.

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In case you miss that beautiful flower in your window for that pretty glass vase hiding in the Aldi plant section (or if you don’t live near Aldi), consider this set of five pre-chilled tulip bulbs and a clear glass cylinder vase on Amazon for a similar alternative. Plus, they ship right to your door! No need to miss the Aldi magic this time.

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