When it comes to decorating your home, it can be easy to get lost in the aisles of HomeSense, Dollarama, or IKEA. Amazon also has a lot to offer in terms of home decor.

While some home items can be expensive, there are ways to spruce up your space in an affordable way.

From faux flowers to pillows and candle sticks, here are eight home decor items our lifestyle team has purchased recently and why we love them.

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Artificial flowers

Artificial flowers from Dollarama.

Sarah Ruhman | Narcissism

project: Artificial flowers

Why you need it: I recently redecorated my kitchen with Home Decor from Dollarama and picked up a fun pink and white vase and faux flowers, which are perfect for the summer season. As the weather starts to cool, I decided to replace my bouquet with something more seasonal, and these two stems of flowers add some fall cheer to my table. – Sarah Rouhman

price: $1.75 for fall leaves, $3.00 for white flowers

Available at Dollarama store

Throw pillows and pillow covers

Yellow cushions on the sofa.

Yellow cushions on the sofa.

Asimina Kantorovic | Narcissism

project: Throw pillows and pillow covers

Why you need it: Yes, I’m one of those people who loves pillows even though my partner doesn’t see the point in them. I love that they can enhance a room by adding a subtle or bright touch of color. The best part is that you can change the look of the pillow by simply swapping out the cover.

I’ve been buying indoor cushions from IKEA for a while now, and then I sometimes go out and buy cushion covers in different colors when I want a change. I think the mustard yellow works well in the fall, and then I have the red tops ready to go once it’s Christmas time (sorry, I know it’s still summer). The same is true if you want to spruce up your outdoor living space!

My research also showed me that IKEA has Halloween covers, so I guess that means another trip is in the offing. – Asimina Kantorovic

price: $13 for the pillow inner and $4.99 for the pillowcase

Find inner pillow and cushion covers at IKEA

Cowboy boot matches

Matchbox for cowboy boots.

Matchbox for cowboy boots.

Brooke Houghton | Narcissism

project: Cowboy boot matches

Why you need it: I like my living space to have a touch of whimsy throughout it, and this cowboy boot matchbox is the perfect touch.

The bottom of the candle lights up your match and you can use it as a functional decor piece to light all your candles while beautifying your space.

My friend bought it for me for my birthday and it quickly became my new favorite and most useful item. -Brooke Houghton

price: Since this was a gift, I don’t know how much it was worth but you can find it on Amazon for $16.

Find it on Amazon

Foot rest

Pink lamb footstool.

Pink lamb footstool.

Sarah Ruhman | Narcissism

project: Sheep footstool

Why you need it: I’m very short, so having a footrest is important to me so I can get comfortable while knitting or watching YouTube.

I came across this little sheep while browsing on Amazon and I was immediately struck by his cute little stupid face because it looks like he has never experienced a thought in his life and I love that about him. – Sarah Rouhman

price: $49.50

Find it on Amazon


The vases are from Value Village and the faux flowers are from HomeSense.

The vases are from Value Village and the faux flowers are from HomeSense.

Asimina Kantorovic | Narcissism

project: Vases and artificial flowers

Why you need it: When I first moved to Victoria, I made regular visits to Value Village to try to spruce up my home at a reasonable price. During one of my visits, I found several vases that I thought looked cute and could also be used year-round since they were a neutral color.

I also love flowers and try to put them in every room of the house but since replacing them every time they die would cost a fortune, I decided to buy some artificial flowers from HomeSense. I love how the pieces look together and especially how easy it is to swap out the flowers whenever I want to change up the color scheme of the room. – Asimina Kantorovic

price: Between $3.99 and $5.99 for vases and between $9.99 and $16.99 for artificial flowers (depending on flowers and group size)

Available in store at Value Village and HomeSense


decanter.  Right: A beaker filled with water, lemon, and mint.

decanter. Right: A beaker filled with water, lemon, and mint.

Asimina Kantorovic | Narcissism

project: decanter

Why you need it: I enjoy hosting dinner parties and movie nights, and every time I do I take out my carafe when serving some drinks.

Although the decanter is intended for wine, I actually use it for other drinks like lemon mint water and sangria. It’s a fun piece and I always get compliments when I use it. It also makes a great housewarming or birthday gift! – Asimina Kantorovic

price: $29.99

You can find it at Kitchen Stuff Plus

Bee shaped cabinet handles

Bee shaped cabinet handles.

Bee shaped cabinet handles.

Sarah Ruhman | Narcissism

project: Bee shaped cabinet handles

Why you need it: I inherited a wardrobe that I really hated, and the rickety handles made me want to punch it every time I needed to open it to get a pair of socks.

My partner suggested I buy new handles (an option that had never occurred to me) and I started searching Amazon for some alternatives when I came across these adorable bee handles. They were surprisingly easy to install, and they add a bit of shine to a piece of furniture that I was starting to hate less. – Sarah Rouhman

price: $21.49 for a pack of six

Find it on Amazon

Candle stick holders

Pair of black candle holders.

Pair of black candle holders.

Brooke Houghton | Narcissism

project: Candle stick holders

Why you need it: Candle stick holders are the perfect touch you can add to your home. I picked mine up from a local Marshalls for $6.99 apiece and used them to spruce up my bedside table.

You can blow out your own candles to suit the ambiance of your space and keep things interesting while you burn them!

Personally, I love having funky colors and scents that go with the seasons. -Brooke Houghton

price: You can find a similar pair on Amazon for $25.

Find it on Amazon

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