8 houseplants with health benefits

By Amber Blake

Houseplants are a quick and easy way to spruce up any room, but did you know that many houseplants are good for your health too? Here is a list of eight plants known for their health benefits. Bring one of these houseplants into your living room, kitchen or bathroom to enhance your space and enjoy the health benefits.

1. Peace lilies
Peace lilies are known to purify the air around them, making them a good accessory for your bedroom as they can help with sleep quality. Besides purifying the air, these plants are known to bring calming, stress-relieving energy to their environment. Fortunately, these plants are low-maintenance for those of us who forget to water them.

2. Spider plant
Spider plant is another plant known for removing toxins and chemicals from the air. This plant can also increase the humidity in the air of the room it is in, which is ideal for those who want a natural humidifier. Spider plants are a great accessory not only for homes, but for offices as well.

3. Snake plant
Similar to spider plant, snake plant has the ability to remove toxins and chemicals from the air. Those who suffer from allergies can benefit from having snake plant in their homes because it acts as an anti-allergen. These plants are easy to care for and are great for beginner gardeners.

4. Lavender
Indoor lavender plants are known for their soothing and soothing scent, which promotes stress relief and improved sleep quality. Lavender can also be used as a mosquito, tick, or flea repellent. You can sleep easy knowing that your lavender plant repels insects and helps you sleep.

5. English Ivy
English ivy is known for its healing properties, reducing symptoms of asthma, allergies and inflammation. Like many other indoor plants, English ivy is easy to care for, or in other words, difficult to kill.

6. Boston fern
Boston ferns can thrive indoors or outdoors. Boston fern is known to be one of the best air purifying plants and is a good choice for those suffering from dry skin or dry nose as it restores moisture to the air.

7. Juicers
Succulents are a fun addition to the home because they come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Besides their beauty, succulents are great for detoxifying the air and increasing humidity.

8. Pothos Ivy
Pothos ivy is another houseplant that purifies the air and helps eliminate unpleasant odors in the home. Pothos plants are easy to grow because they don’t require a lot of light or water. Add this plant to your home for its amazing benefits and elegant decorative touch.

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