8 trendy houseplants that look so pretty – but they could put your child’s life at risk

8 trendy houseplants that look so pretty – but they could put your child’s life at risk

Plants are a vital part of any home and can make a real difference not only to its look, but also to your mental and physical health. However, if you have children, it is necessary to keep some plants out of the way

Your houseplants may not be as harmful as you thought(Getty Images/iStockPhoto)

A house full of plants can be the key to transforming a beautiful space into a beautiful space.

In fact, brightening your home with live plants is closely linked to improved mental and physical health, specifically helping to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and improve your state of mind. But you must choose carefully when choosing the plants you want to improve your home with.

Especially if you have babies or young children, there are a number of plants that you definitely want to avoid due to their tendency to cause illness or skin irritation if handled or consumed. This article compiles a list of plants to avoid when shopping — even if you like the look of them.

Guy Barter, chief horticulturist at the Royal Horticultural Society, said: “Houseplants are rarely implicated in harming people, and any potential risks are small compared to the proven benefits of houseplants in improving health and wellbeing. However, it is unwise to consume any plants indoors or out. “They are not grown specifically to eat.” According to the RHS, these are the plants to avoid when you next make a trip to the garden centre…

1. Dieffenbachia

It is “poisonous if ingested”, the RHS says of the plant known as stupid reed or tiger lily. It is the leaves, stems and roots that are dangerous. But there’s another strange side effect to this plant, which is where it gets its name “dumb cane.”

If Dieffenbachia is chewed, it can leave a person unable to speak because it consists of oxalic acid – which causes swelling and burning in the mouth. If your child eats a piece of Dieffenbachia, you should wipe their mouth with a cool cloth and rinse their eyes – as well as any parts of the skin that have been in contact with the plant, the RHS said according to The Sun.

The full list of symptoms resulting from eating the plant includes:

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