A gift for every plant lover

A gift for every plant lover

Good gardening tools, accessories and ornaments are great investments and a lot of fun, but they’re not something gardeners often buy for themselves. If the plant lovers in your life don’t like to splurge, consider doing it for them!

We’ve compiled a list of gardener-recommended gifts that will get you a (green) thumbs up.


Large, lightweight basin These tubs are slightly larger than a laundry basket and are great for weeding, dividing, transplanting or holding small amounts of mulch or compost.

Watering stick – A watering wand with a local lock and 30-36 inch handle can make watering in tight spaces an easier (and less messy) task.

Soil knife – Also known as A That Knife, this bad boy is a triple threat: good for digging, cutting, and even measuring. Your loved one will weed and divide plants with ease.

Gardening shears – Sharp shears are great for more precise work in the garden, such as deadheading, propagating, harvesting vegetables, and trimming weeds.

Lubbers -No one wants to get pricked by thorns, which is why long-handled shears are great for pruning brambles and larger shrubs.

Kneeling pillow – Take care of your loved ones’ knees while in the grass with this kneeling pad.


Gardening gloves – Even if the recipient already has gardening gloves, they will likely wear out quickly. Having a new pair of gloves ready means he’ll be able to get back into the park right away.

sunhat – Sun protection is important during long days in the garden, so make sure your loved ones get the shade they need to stay as cool as a cucumber.

yard – Not just for the kitchen, an apron can be an excellent addition to any gardening clothing to help keep dirt out and secure tools.

novelty shirts – T-shirts with gardening puns are a great conversation starter for any gardener with the right sense of humor who “wets his plants” often.


Public parks membership -Give your gardener the gift of inspiration by purchasing a membership to one of Iowa’s public gardens, such as the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden, Ryman Gardens, or the Iowa Arboretum.

Seed Savers Exchange Membership -Support the seed saver exchange in Decorah where they preserve heirloom seeds for future generations. Membership gifts have benefits such as discounts, exclusive seeds, and cross-admission to other parks and conservatories.

Plant together – Whether you prefer to grow a single plant in a pot or a plant bed, plan a trip to the garden center to buy supplies and do some gardening with your loved one.

Promise gifts

Gift certificate – Don’t know what to get? A gift certificate to a nursery or garden center will be put to good use by your gardener come spring.

Large amounts of compost or mulch – Seven tons of compost may not sound like everyone’s idea of ​​a great gift, but it may be the best gift a gardener will ever receive. By the same token, if your gardener needs some Pavers, bricks or stonesHe promised them delivery in the spring.

Offer to do the work – Spend some quality time with your loved ones and help them accomplish heavy tasks.

Get the tools to serve you – Sharpening mower blades and maintaining power tools can be a tedious task. Have a professional handle the work to make sure it’s perfect, plus there’s one less thing your favorite gardener has on his list this spring.

Other great gifts

Coffee table and reference books – Although they are not always something you buy for yourself, illustrated and reference books can be great sources of inspiration and information for your gardener.

Seeds in unexpected places -There are many cards, pencils, matchbooks, and other paper products that have seeds embedded in them. When they run out, plant them for beautiful wildflowers or herbs.

Amaryllis and forced bulbs -These lights are great for people staying at home, in nursing homes, or for children and other beginners. Amaryllis bulbs grow quickly, require no maintenance, and are self-contained. Forced bulbs require more maintenance, but they bring little needed color for the winter.

ISU Horticulture Calendar – Each year the ISU Horticulture Extension’s Horticulture Calendar features new information, such as gardening legends or edible plants in Iowa. This is an inexpensive and practical gift for the gardener in your life.

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