A Nigerian woman mocks the rickshaw puller who tried to woo her, records a video of him and posts it online

A Nigerian woman mocks the rickshaw puller who tried to woo her, records a video of him and posts it online

  • A Nigerian woman was delighted after a wheelbarrow driver approached her to declare his love for her
  • She filmed a video of the “iron convict” and mocked him for having the “courage” to approach her
  • Her video went viral on social media and did not please many netizens as they criticized the lady

A trending video showed the moment a woman made fun of the rickshaw driver who tried to woo her.

The phrase “iron convict” is used in Nigeria to describe metal items that are no longer useful and are sold as scrap.

She wondered how he intended to take care of her. Image source: @DAMIADENUGA
Source: Twitter

User X, @damiadinojaThe person who shared the clip wrote:

“This iron man came to this lady looking for love and she started laughing at him.”

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She laughed at him because he cheated on her

in the videoThe lady took a selfie with the man as she told her potential viewers that he was toasting her.

“This guy gets empowered, walks up to him and says, ‘I’m sorry, tell him like me,'” she said, laughing at him.

She asked him if he had what it took to take care of her and videotaped his cart after asking him what he did for a living.

Watch the video below:

Mixed reactions followed the video

@BarcaPrincipal said:

“Imagine that the first question a clean girl asks an iron salesman is, ‘How do you want to take care of me?’???

“Girls don’t know any other word but that.”

@ajuba101 said:

“Sometimes, he can be richer than he seems…and other times, you might be the one giving him ideas about what he’s good at, and he doesn’t know he can do a very good job and make a lot of money from it until he can.” Build a legacy…to build something that will last forever!!”

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@ukange_davidx said:

“I’m pretty sure.

“This lady got nothing.

“Next thing can you take care of me.

“So it’s transactional.”

@tobsmall said:

“Don’t lie. This is just clout chasing. The guy doesn’t ask her out and tell me I’m making her act for social media clout.”

@savage_mouth said:

“This guy makes money through her boyfriend.

“Iron condemns oil business o.

“Their money is block.”

@Dr. Farouk said:

“It’s actually not that bad, you can accept it or reject it. It wasn’t necessary to post it on social media.”

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Source: Legit.ng

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