Aldi and Lidl: What will happen in the mid lanes from November 9?

Aldi and Lidl: What will happen in the mid lanes from November 9?

As of Thursday 9 November, there are a variety of items you can add to your cart including Christmas decorations, toys and more.

Let’s take a look at some of the items you’ll find in the middle aisles of Aldi and Lidl from Thursday.

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Aldi special purchases

This week Aldi is offering shoppers a range of toys, Christmas gift wrapping supplies and more.

You can find all the upcoming Specialbuys via the Aldi website.

Small town feet to the ground ride

Lancashire Telegraph: A little tour from the city's feet to the groundSmall town feet to the ground ride (Image: Aldi)

As part of Aldi’s toy event, this toy will be available in stores from Thursday.

Children can get around by pushing on the floor with their feet and it can be the perfect Christmas gift.

It comes with a squeaky horn and under-seat storage, and there are two designs to choose from: unicorn or dinosaur.

It can be yours for £14.99 at Aldi.

Sylvanian Sugar Sweet Playset

Lancashire Telegraph: Sylvanian Sugar Sweet PlaysetSylvanian Sugar Sweet Playset (Image: Aldi)

Toys from the Sylvanian Families range are coming to Aldi from Thursday as well, including this playset.

Comes with Big Sister Marshmallow Mouse plus a range of clothes and accessories.

The playset also comes with a play area and encourages imaginative play.

It will be available for £14.99 at Aldi.

Kirkton House illuminated by pampas grass

Lancashire Telegraph: Kirkton House lit Pampas GrassKirkton House illuminated by pampas grass (Image: Aldi)

Whether you’re trying to add some new decorations to your Christmas collection or you want to make your home cozy, this Lit Pampas Grass may be just what you need.

It comes with interlocking warm white LED lights and you can choose from two pampas grass colors – cream or purple.

They’re available for £12.99 each at Aldi.

Middle aisle Lidl

Customers will find Christmas trees and decorations in Lidl’s middle aisle from Thursday.

You can find all of the upcoming middle lane items via the Lidl website.

Livarno Home Large Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

Lancashire Telegraph: Large pre-lit Christmas tree in LivarnoLivarno Home Large Pre-Lit Christmas Tree (Photo: Lidl)

The 6ft 10in Christmas tree will be available to buy at Lidl from Thursday.

It comes with 180 warm white LEDs and is splash-resistant, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

The lights have a timer so you don’t have to worry about turning on the Christmas lights manually.

You can make it your own for £49.99 at Lidl.

Livarno Home Straw Animal Decoration

Lancashire Telegraph: Livarno Home Straw Animal OrnamentLivarno Home Straw Animal Decoration (Photo: Lidl)

This ornament is made of real straw and adds festive cheer to your home.

Customers can choose from three designs – bear, reindeer or elk.

They’ll set you back £9.99 each.

Livarno Home Christmas Wreath

Lancashire Telegraph: Christmas wreath at Livarno HomeLivarno Home Christmas Wreath (Photo: Lidl)

Deck the halls with this Christmas wreath – perfect for getting your guests into the festive spirit as soon as they arrive.

Wreaths come in different shapes (round and rectangular) and have gold or red bows on them.

Real spruce cones are used to decorate the wreaths and can be yours for £14.99 each.

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