Amarillo Botanical Gardens welcomes Christmas to the Gardens

Amarillo Botanical Gardens welcomes Christmas to the Gardens

It’s the season for anything at Christmas, and the great thing about Amarillo is how great the holidays are in the Yellow City.

A long-standing tradition in Amarillo consists of more than 500,000 lights decorating every building, tree, and even the interior of the tropical forest.

Amarillo Botanical Christmas in the Gardens!

This annual event has become a tradition for many families throughout the Texas Panhandle. Christmas in the Gardens is magical and loved by children and adults alike. There’s something about seeing the twinkling lights and landscaping come together on 4 acres of beauty.

Christmas in the Gardens opens on November 30 and will be open Thursdays and Sundays December 1-3, December 7-10 and December 14-23 from 6pm to 8:30pm

Gather those cute hats and wear them because you’re about to walk into a magical world. Not only can you walk through this magical Christmas wonderland, but you’ll also have the chance to meet some interesting people, one of them being Santa Claus!

Laurie Crawford/TSM

Laurie Crawford/TSM

Bring the kids and stop by Santa’s shack and tell the big jolly man what you want for Christmas. However, keep an eye out because the Grinch will also be in the parks and you never know what mood he will be in, maybe grumpy, but his little heart that grows three sizes knows the magic of Christmas.

Laurie Crawford/TSM

Laurie Crawford/TSM

Don’t forget the many photo opportunities available throughout the entire park. If it isn’t already, it will become a Christmas tradition to take a family photo or a couple photo in the light tunnel.

Don’t miss Christmas in the Gardens!


Adults – $10

Children under 5 years old – free

Members – Free

Christmas at the Amarillo Botanical Garden in the park

At Christmas time, something magical happens at the Amarillo Botanical Gardens, where more than a million lights decorate the grounds of this majestic place.

They open the doors every year during the holidays and thousands of people come to see this magical holiday world.

If you’ve never experienced Christmas at the Amarillo Botanical Gardens in the gardens, you’re missing out on the full magical Christmas experience with Santa Claus.

We’ll give you a sneak peek and tour of Christmas in the Gardens.

Gallery credit: Laurie Crawford

Vintage Christmas photos of Amarillo

Christmas has always been special in Amarillo. In our time, we have the Electric Lights Parade, Christmas in the Parks, Candy Cane Lane, and much more. Back in the 1950s and 1960s, downtown Amarillo was awash with abundant lights.

Gallery credit: Laurie Crawford

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