An interview with Dr. Jane Goodall about her favorite scents

An interview with Dr. Jane Goodall about her favorite scents

We call it Proust effect: Memories are often stimulated by smells. Scientific studies confirm Of all the senses, smell provides the best memory. in Smell memoriesThe Cut asks people what scents they associate with different times in their lives. Next is Dr. Jane GoodallDBE, Founder Jane Goodall InstituteAnd the United Nations Messenger of Peace. The world-renowned conservationist recently co-created a limited edition line of sustainable, earth-friendly branded personal care products. Schmidt Natural Inspired by the scent of Goodall's favorite flower, lily of the valley. Five percent of every lily of the valley purchased benefits the efforts of the Jane Goodall Institute for the Protection of Animals and the Environment. The Cut caught up with Goodall to talk skunk, scotch, and very good toast.

My first scent memory is: Freshly turned earth, because I was fascinated by earthworms, and always dug them up. Another smell that takes me back is freshly cut grass – I love it. The lily of the valley, which has the most beautiful scent, is also from my childhood. We had lilies of the valley in the garden, and whenever I smell them they take me back. It is the same feelings that conjure me when I smell the violets in the first spring when their clusters burst.

Even the smell of chimpanzees takes me back to the forests of Gombe National Park where I did all my years of research, and the smell of rain on dry land, when it first rains. I think scents bring back memories of the past.

Love smells like: Toasts that take me back to memories of my wonderful, wonderful and completely supportive mother. You know, she wasn't very good at cooking, because she always burned her toast. This is a lovely scent – we always think of mom.

Success smells like: Maybe you're around your friends when you receive some exciting news, waving a glass containing a small touch of Scotch whisky.

A pleasant surprise that smells like: Skunk. I remember driving around California, and that was the first time I smelled it. Most people hate it, and I think I would hate it if it was sprayed directly on me, but it smelled amazing, and I thought it was a lovely scent. You really amazed me.

Shortly after that, I was visiting some friends in London, and I asked them: “Do you have a pet skunk?!” But it was actually marijuana – I had no idea I was smelling them smoking weed. (He laughs) That's why it's called “skunk.”

Holiday smells like: I haven't had a vacation in at least 40 years, so I honestly don't know what a vacation is! But let's see, I vacationed in Namibia and Kenya with one of my first friends, so maybe… suntan lotion?

The worst smell is: The corpse of something that has been killed. Sometimes we would look for a chimpanzee that had disappeared, and the smell of the dead body, of its life leaving, was so terrible. It's a chimpanzee you knew well who probably died horribly. That smell takes me back to finding some of my friends and finding their bodies in Gombe.

Sunday and Monday morning it smells like: I don't have Mondays and Sundays. My life has no weekends. When people say “What do you do on Sunday?”, I say “What is Sunday?” They're on the calendar, yes, but not in my life (He laughs). I mean it!

If you could keep one scent on your hands forever, what would it be?
If one had to keep one scent on their hands forever, I think you would get bored of it quickly. I suppose I'd say lily of the valley? But I would need a lot of free samples in this case.

My house smells like: dog. It's always a dog. Lovely dog ​​scent. That, and roses in the summer, because we always have them. In France, they developed a rose called “Jeanne Rose” or something, but the scent is absolutely incredible, and they intentionally made this rose to have a wonderful scent.

What do you smell like? Oh, crikey! Come on, person in this room: What do I smell like? Well, let me say lily of the valley. That's not true, but I will say it.

Oh, they say “fresh”. I smell fresh.

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