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Melbourne captain Max Gown has shed more light on Collingwood defender Brayden Maynard’s controversial visit to Angus Brayshaw’s home after he knocked out midfielder Dees in a collision.

Maynard visited Brayshaw’s home the day after the incident, which became a topic of discussion in the football world amid a bombshell AFL court case that saw Maynard eventually cleared of rough behaviour.

Gawn said the atmosphere was not joyful when Maynard arrived, but it was not consistent with reports of an emotionally charged reception.

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Players’ reaction to Brayden Maynard’s ruling 03:42

“It had been 10 minutes, and everyone knew each other. We’ve played with Brayden’s brother for three or four years, and his dad works at the club. “There’s a phenomenal relationship between the Maynards and almost everyone at the football club,” he said on Triple M. “. The Marty Sheargold Show.

“That’s what I expected for a guy who knocked someone up – well, he accidentally knocked someone over the night before.

“We weren’t on the couch watching Thank God you are hereWe weren’t really having a good time, but it certainly wasn’t the reports.

Brayshaw’s history of concussions has led to concern about his long-term future, with some reports that he is unlikely to play in the preliminary final even if the team qualify.

Gawne admitted that although Brayshaw has improved since then, he was in poor form in the early hours after his latest concussion.

“We were really anxious early on obviously. The first night was pretty bad,” Gawn said.

“This was number six and it was his fifth for eight weeks. There were concerns early on.

“I’m not a concussion expert and I don’t know much about him. All I know is that he’s sticking to the protocols and he hasn’t had a bad day yet. Technically, he finished the first five days of the 14-day protocol.”

“He still looks like he can play in the preliminary game if we get there, which is a lot more positive than we thought on the first night.”

When asked by host Marty Sheargold if the flowers Maynard brought had arrived in a vase, Gawn replied: “I put the flowers in a vase… I got a text late at night from Danielle (Brayshaw’s partner) that I picked the wrong vase.”

“I chose a pink vase, I think it suits the flowers.”

Gawn, still sarcastic, added that he also put the bottle of Penfolds that Maynard brought in the refrigerator as well.

Melbourne will face Carlton in the grand semi-final on Friday night at the MCG.

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