Anyone can grow amaryllis wax

Anyone can grow amaryllis wax

A lot is happening today, December 21st. At 3:48 PM CST, the Northern Hemisphere sees the winter solstice.

Solstice, from Latin Sol meaning “The sun” and To stop “Standing still” is just a moment in time, but it is important because on this day the first astronomical day of winter begins. Today is the shortest day of the year, with the fewest hours of sunlight. Starting tomorrow, the days begin to stretch.

As of today, there are only four more shopping days until Christmas. Amaryllis are a popular gift for the holidays, and amaryllis wax is a great gift for someone who says, “They can't grow anything.”

Anyone can grow amaryllis wax. Everything the amaryllis plant needs to grow and produce large blooms is contained in its waxy bulb. surprising.

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