Are fertilizers bad for slugs? Gardening insiders reveal

Are fertilizers bad for slugs?  Gardening insiders reveal

As we welcome the warmer months with the arrival of spring, we are also reaching one of the wettest times of the year, and this warm, humid group is the perfect time for slugs to flourish. Every year, keen gardeners look for ways to deter these pests, and while we were doing it ourselves we discovered an insider secret to using fertilizers to deter them. But are fertilizers actually harmful to slugs?

There are several known methods for how to get rid of slugs, and while applying fertilizer is not usually one, it is an effective way to deter slugs from garden borders and potted plants, according to gardening professionals. As long as you choose the right type of feeding bowl that…

Below we explain how this gardening trick works and what kind of fertilizers you should invest in in order to achieve the desired result.

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Are fertilizers bad for slugs?

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