Dear Sunspots: I’m getting ready to move to a smaller house. I’ve seen on Sun Spots before that there are organizations that have plant sales in the spring, but I don’t remember who they are. I have three houseplants that I won’t have room for in my new house. I have two golden pothos philodendrons and one arrowhead philodendron. They are the perfect type of plant from which cuttings can be taken to make new plants. I would like to donate these plants to anyone who wants them. I can be reached at – Rose, Auburn

Answer: Mrs. Sun Spots has been growing philodendrons for decades. They are strong, elegant and easy to care for.

Dear Sunspots: The Minot Historical Society is scheduled to host two afternoons of an open house at the Elijah Jones House, 493 Minot Center Road. The dates are September 24 and October 8 from 1 to 3 p.m. The house was built as a parsonage for Reverend Elijah Jones and his family. The association restored, furnished and displayed memorabilia. Marge Downing’s collection will be on display. This scrapbook collection of Minot News dates from the 1950s. Books about Minot schools, farms and families collected by Lucille Haymond Hodgdon will also be on display. Light refreshments will be provided. The Society continues to collect, preserve and share many interesting historical record books, letters and reminiscences of the Minot area. We look forward to sharing with you. – Sylvia Boss, There Is No Town

Dear Sunspots: My name is Don Robitaille, a 92-year-old and avid cyclist from Lewiston. A podcast of my solo cross-provincial bike trips and stories was recently released on The podcast host is Seth Balliet from Scarborough, and the podcast lasts about an hour with photos. —Don, Lewiston

Answer: Readers may remember Don as the cheerleader with the buzzer at Bates College basketball games. He’s already a character.

Dear Sunspots: Love your column. It is useful in many ways. I like to tell people about a service that I miss dearly, but is still available in Paris, Maine. I don’t like pumping my gas. I miss having an escort do that. The Shell station on Route 26 in Paris has eight full-service pumps, and a smiling employee will fill your tank. I am willing to pay a few cents extra for this service. —Barbara, Norway

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