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Planning a baby shower is a special kind of party planning experience. From the excitement of welcoming a baby to celebrating with loved ones, it’s a magical time all around. Knowing where to start can be a bit daunting, but you’re in luck. There are so many ideas for decorating a baby shower! One of the easiest ways to get started is to choose a theme or color scheme and then shop around.

One of the best things about baby shower decorations is that many of the items can double as baby room or after-party home decor. Whether you’re hanging wreaths or arranging a flower wall, you can find ways to reuse them. Don’t forget the diaper cake! You can leave it in all its cake-like glory until late at night when you don’t have a diaper and that cake is there to save the day.

If your friends are throwing you a “secret” celebration or you’re spending time planning out every detail, check out these beautiful baby shower decorating ideas before your next party.

Baby shower decorations



This beautiful melamine cake stand comes in 8 different colors including Wedgewood Blue. No matter what theme you’re working with, you’ll find a gorgeous, colorful holder that will perfectly match the rest of your baby shower decor. Plus, the fact that it’s melamine means you can reuse it for your baby’s first birthday, and if you’ve planned to smash the cake afterward, you don’t have to worry about breaking the stand.

Incomplete message

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The best thing about these giant wooden letters is that you can use them as rustic decor or paint them to match your baby shower decorations and themes. If you’re keeping your baby’s name secret, these are great teasers for your guests. You can create a game of guessing your little one’s name. And of course, reusing the crafts as nursery decor.

Diaper cake



These custom-made diaper cakes are created using fan-favorite Honest Diapers in Size 1. Use them as an accent decor piece then unpack the diapers and use them before your baby outgrows that size. They are great gifts that make too!

Baby boxes

com. PoshPartyKits


We couldn’t do a roundup of baby shower decorating ideas and not include these very popular baby shower boxes. During a kids party, fill them with small balloons, teddy bears, flowers, or leave them empty. They add an elegant touch to any type of baby shower. Plus, they make a great photo op!

Miri Miri Bamboo Plates Set

Meri Meri


These gorgeous plates are made from naturally renewable bamboo. From the floral print to the sustainability factor, what’s not to love? Get the matching small cups and plates and you’ll have a beautiful set that you can use for your baby shower and other future parties.

Party wreath

Fond of moles


A party garland, in colors that match your baby shower theme, can tie the entire party together. Hang it up and use it again and again. If you choose neutral colors, you can definitely repurpose them for a bohemian-themed nursery. Plus, if tassels aren’t your thing, check out these colorful pom poms.

Flower paintings for flower wall

Blush Blooms for decoration


Fresh flowers may be a dream, but these are the next best thing. You can create your own flower wall with these flower panels, without spending a lot of money. It is composed of large and small silk roses and hydrangeas. Choose from 5 different colors.

Oh baby sign



This wooden sign can be customized to reveal your child’s name or simply say “Oh Baby” in the best font options. Simply choose the font and size. It comes in beautiful birch wood but you can also spray paint it to match your party theme, as most reviewers reported they did as well.

Boho floral hanging collar



Flower hanging hoops are beautiful and go well with any type of party. We prefer the earthy colors in this tone because you can easily hang it in any part of your home after a baby shower.

Balloon arch kit



Up your party game with this balloon arch kit. It’s very easy to put together, so don’t be afraid! Balloons are not included in the kit, but this makes it easy to customize the colors of your balloons to match your theme.

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