While exploring the Underdark in… Baldur’s Gate 3you will likely encounter Myconid Village, which is home to many unique characters that can give you fascinating tales and information about your tadpole, and in pursuit of her husband, who has been searching the Underdark for a healing mushroom known as the Noblestalk.

How to start a mushroom picker quest in BG3

You can Start the Mushroom Picker quest in BG3 by Talking to dwarf Trader, derrith Boncloak, In the Myconid Village in the dark.

It can be found directly across from the Myconid Colony waypoint. Image via Larian Studios

She will explain to you that her husband went to look for a mushroom called Noblestalk and did not return, and when you offer to look for it, the quest will begin, find the mushroom picker.

Noblestalk mushroom site at BG3

the Noble mushroom It can be found at Hollow dread Subordinate Underdark in BG3 In coordinates Q: -4 and P: -62. In front of the mushrooms, you will discover poisonous and explosive plants Derrith’s husband, Belentrapped between them all.

to Getting to this place, Head out of cave across the South entrance thatd west Towards Karma Bridge. On your right, you’ll see a green field in a cave, and that’s where you should go. Since this area is treacherous, you must choose a character you can use Charming hand or blurry step And Separate them from the group So as not to activate explosive plants.

As you cross the bridge, you’ll notice some of them knotted roots You can go down.

Red arrow points to chrome leading to another level in BG3
The Knotted Roots are located just after the bridge and to your right. Image via Larian Studios

Once you go down to the next level, head towards the green field, but don’t get involved because it can explode and be very toxic. Once you’re nearby, a cutscene will play in place Belin explains what plants are And that He needs his bag out there.

to Get to the bagWhich is located in the back left part of the cave near the lit torch, and you can either use it Misty step To teleport via or Use the jump to reach the stone path on the left side. You can also follow these steps with Enhanced Leap.

Red arrow indicates the location of the bag in BG3
It is best not to walk to the bag because these plants will burst. Image via Larian Studios

After that, you can either look in his bag and toss a roll of Misty Step to Baelen, or you can throw his entire bag.

Once he does, he’ll use one of his Misty Step scrolls to get out of the minefield, and you can do that Return to the entrance to talk to him Either using Blur Step or Enhanced Jump. After speaking with Beilin, He will reward you with an invisibility scroll And leave to find Dereth.

And as soon as he left, You’ll find a Noblestalk Mushroom on the wall to your right At location X:-4 and Y:-62. It’s hard to see because it blends into the wall so well. Use the “Alt” key to highlight it if you’re having trouble.

to get Noblestalk, You can either:

  1. Uses Misty Step to teleport to Noblestalk, Pick the mushrooms, and Misty returns to the cave entrance.
  2. Put out the flame With an ice, water, or water jug ​​spell, Use the Poison Resistance ElixirAnd run and Get Noblestalk.
  3. Uses Mage’s hand to Get Noblestalk.

With Noblestalk in your inventory, you can return to Myconid Village and complete the quest.

How to complete the Mushroom Picker Quest.

you will Complete the Mushroom Picker quest in BG3 by speak again With Dereth. As you do, you’ll learn that there’s no love lost between the two. Even though she said you wouldn’t be rewarded, she gave you Koshigo’s Unblocked Gloves.

Icon on card with description of Koshigo's Unchained Gloves in BG3
Since this is a magic item, Gale can consume it, but it will destroy them. Image via Larian Studios

While wearing these gloves, you can deal extra damage with save throws and improvised weapons. Obtaining these gloves will indicate that the mission is complete.

How to use Noblestalk’s Mushroom BG3

You can Use noblestalk mushrooms in different ways, such as:

  • give it to Dearth
  • give it to Belen To consume it, because it will restore his mind and memories,
  • Keep it
  • give it to karlac, which will inspire her
  • give it to Shadow heart To restore a small part of her memories and heal her wound.

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Getting a Noblestalk can be difficult if you don’t know how to bypass explosive plants and poison gas, but it can be done.

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