Baltimore Ravens’ Mark Andrews sees season over with hip injury but what is it?

Baltimore Ravens’ Mark Andrews sees season over with hip injury but what is it?

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, it would be fair to say that the controversy surrounding this notorious type of tackle in the NFL will only intensify now that the Ravens’ tight end has become the latest player to suffer its effects.

The Ravens’ Mark Andrews’ season ended with a hip injury

If you feel like the debate over violent interventions is getting stuck, be prepared because the conversation is about to get even more heated. On Thursday night, in a game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Cincinnati Bengals, it was Ravens tight end Mark Andrews who became the latest recipient of the controversial move, and as a result, the 28-year-old’s season is now officially over. Andrews’ injury occurred in the first quarter of the contest when he was tackled by a Cincinnati Bengals quarterback. Logan Wilson.

In case you’re wondering, yes, this is the same type of tackle that led to the high-ankle sprain Patrick Mahomes suffered last season, the injury that sparked the controversy in the first place. After the game, which the Ravens won 34-20, the head coach… John Harbaugh explained this that the injury was actually serious and that it “looked like a season-ending injury”. For context, Andrews was tackled near the goal line during the end of his team’s opening drive. He was clearly in severe pain on the floor, and was taken out of the game before the quarter was over.

What is the treatment for hip drop and why is it a problem?

To simplify things, the hip drop is performed by using one’s weight to drop the opponent to the ground. As is often the case, a tackle can result in the legs of the player carrying the ball getting caught under the tackled player resulting in serious injuries. To that end, the league has been exploring an option Block it completely. Interestingly, there are many who have criticized this idea, citing it as another way to make the game of football softer.

Recently both Tom Brady And his former colleague Rob Gronkowski He had similar things to He says. Regardless, there is still a growing list of players suffering from serious injuries, meaning something probably needs to be done. As for Andrews, the three-time Pro Bowler is a key part of the Ravens’ offense, as evidenced by the 521 yards and six touchdowns he had before the injury. It goes without saying that this is a huge loss for the team, even more so after sitting atop the AFC North with an 8-3 record. While a rule change at this point wouldn’t do anything for Andrews, it could do a lot for others in the future.

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