Best Lawn Care Services Companies of 2023

Best Lawn Care Services Companies of 2023

Services and specialties

Some lawn care companies focus on specific specialties, while others offer general, comprehensive services. Companies often focus on specific areas like mowing and edging, but the lawn services company he previously owned was a “one-stop shop” that provides… Customers have the convenience of dealing with only one company.

Remember, however, that you may be sacrificing specialized knowledge for convenience, since a general lawn care company may not have the in-depth expertise that companies with a narrower focus can offer. If you choose this type of company with extensive capabilities, be sure to ask if they use subcontractors for any specialized services.

Customized service and treatment plans

Realtors and their promoters are all unique, and many variables dictate exactly what type of services you may need. Although pre-packaged plans may be convenient and can simplify the process, you don’t want to be stuck paying for services you don’t want or need. Ideally, the company will offer some plans at varying prices and also give you the option to pick and choose other services, allowing you to customize a plan tailored to your needs.

“We always recommend trying to get everything in your contract under one company so you’re not dealing with scheduling multiple service companies,” Ketterling says. Whichever services you choose, be sure to explain this in writing.

Ketterling also suggests asking a lot of detailed questions about when the services will be provided, who will perform them, what equipment will be used, and whether there are any hidden fees. With add-ons and upgrades, in particular, it’s important to clarify these details since some companies will use subcontractors for specialized services.

Prepare inspection and quotation

While some lawn care services will give you an estimated quote online after providing some basic information, many will want to send a technician to inspect your lawn before committing to a quote or making recommendations. You can make this process go more smoothly (and make sure your quote covers everything you need) by preparing in advance.

Chris advises asking specific questions and clearly setting expectations with the company when getting a quote. He suggests, for example, saying something like: “We don’t want weeds. This is important to us.” Or “We have a problem with nuts.” This helps the technician identify your biggest areas of concern and ensures all relevant services are included in the quote so nothing is overlooked.

It may also be helpful to avoid doing anything to your garden for several days before the inspection. This way, the technician can see the natural, untreated state of the turf.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable practices
Keeping your garden looking neat and healthy doesn’t necessarily require a lot of toxic chemicals and wasteful processes. You can take care of your yard while also looking out for Mother Earth. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to find lawn care services that make environmentally friendly practices a priority.

“Many companies that specialize in eco-friendly lawn care highlight this as their business motto,” says Shay LaRue, Virtual Handyperson Expert at Frontdoor, a comprehensive home care and maintenance app. If a company claims to be environmentally friendly, LaRue recommends asking for details. “For example, do they specialize in environmental solutions like rainwater basins?”

More and more companies are now offering environmentally friendly alternatives as options to standard lawn treatments, such as Spring Green’s organic fertilizers.

Warranties and satisfaction policy

Most lawn care services will have at least a brief reference to a customer satisfaction guarantee or policy of some sort somewhere on their websites. However, these signals are often light on specific details. Some warranties may have limitations or may require you to report problems within a short period of time after treatment or service. Be sure to ask for specific details about the company’s warranty – and ask for this to be explained in writing.

Ketterling says you should also ask for details about who your designated point of contact will be and who you should contact if you have questions or concerns. Also note that this policy or contract must also state what happens if the lawn care service causes damage to your property.

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