Best Places to Buy Flower Bulbs Online

Best Places to Buy Flower Bulbs Online

If you’re hoping to create a vibrant and colorful spring garden, flower lights are an easy, low-maintenance solution. But if you don’t have time to visit your local garden center when it’s ready to put those bulbs in the ground, consider purchasing them online instead.

The first step when purchasing bulbs online is to find a reputable place to shop. “You want to find a reliable supplier with a good selection of high-quality bulbs that will arrive in time to plant at your site,” says Marta McDowell, garden writer and educator at the New York Botanical Garden. “They should arrive at your doorstep in good condition; they should feel firm, not squishy or dry. They should always It comes with farming trends.”

To help you find a supplier that meets these criteria, we’re sharing some of the best places to buy flower bulbs online.

Home Depot

Courtesy of Home Depot

If you don’t live near a nursery, ordering online from Home Depot is an easy solution. You can browse by color, flowering season, and even water and sun requirements. Plus, Home Depot is a one-stop-shop, which means you can add other home improvement essentials to your cart to simplify your experience.

Harry and David

Courtesy of Harry and David

You might associate Harry & David with fruit baskets, but they actually have beautiful lamp options. If you join our Bulb of the Month Club, you’ll receive a new bulb every month – options range from spring tulips to bright lilies.

Brent and Becky bulbs

Courtesy of Brent and Becky

Virginia Nursery is a family business run by Brent and Becky Heath. “If you called for advice, you might get Brent or Becky on the phone,” McDowell says. “Their specialty is daffodils, but they have many other options. I’ve been trying to find a hardy amaryllis for years, and finally found one from a bed and breakfast. They shipped it fresh and in time for planting.”

John Schippers

Courtesy of Van Engelen

John Scheepers has a wide range of flower bulbs available for purchase, from alliums to giant anemones. Under the “New for 2023” section, you will find an updated list of bulbs for the current calendar year.

From angels

Courtesy of Van Engelen

Van Engelen, John Schippers’ sister company, offers wholesale pricing on large orders. “John Scheepers and Van Engelen have never “I’m not disappointed in the quality or service,” McDowell says. Shop the New Varieties section of their website, which is full of exciting plant species for you to discover and explore.

McClure and Zimmerman

Courtesy of McClure and Zimmerman

If you prefer to plant native bulbs in your garden—which require little or no supplemental watering—McClure & Zimmerman is the place to shop. “These plants are difficult to find because they are slow-growing, which makes them more expensive to propagate,” McDowell says. “McClure & Zimmerman has been a reliable source for these hard-to-find plants.”

Swan Dahlias Island

Courtesy of Swan Island Dahlias

What’s not to love about dahlias? They can be grown as annuals or perennials and put on a colorful display all summer long. If there is one place to shop for dahlias online it is this “This company is located in Canby, Oregon, and is a multi-generational family business,” McDowell says. “I hope to get there one day to see more than 370 species of dahlias in bloom.”

Aden brothers

Courtesy of Eden Brothers

If you’re looking for a large selection of flower lights at an affordable price, Eden Brothers has a wide range of great options. With over 570 flower bulbs available to shop, you’re guaranteed to find an option that will thrive in your garden. Their selections also come with planting information, which can be helpful if you’re new to gardening.

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