Best plant stores in seattle

Best plant stores in seattle

Ravenna Gardens: Providing plants for U Village shoppers since 1998. Photo by Carlton Canary.

Whether you are green green Thumb or old growth expert, Seattle area Full of plant stores that will help you bring the outside in (or just make the outside look prettier).

Bellevue Nursery


The decor at this Eastside nursery is classic plant shop (think metal lawn ornaments and cheerful signage), but its gardening selection is a different beast—think lots of specialty tools, herbs, seeds of seasonal vegetables, and rare fruiting plants.

Bush Nursery

Central District

This Black and Latino-owned plant store opened its doors on Juneteenth 2021 with a focus on building community — and owners Shawn and Julissa McWashington have delivered on their promise to share the love with highly accessible prices, free potting services, and a welcoming, life-filled store neighborhood.

Popular city garden store

Madison Valley

Looking for a plant-filled afternoon? Brunch in Madison Valley Vegetarian mainstay H Vegetarianism Before hiking Down the block to the City People’s Garden Store (Skylights, by chance, It appears prominently in both). Catch For the balcony And Arabica For window– In addition to browsing a Great selection of gifts and planters.

Don’t forget about the plants

Lower Queen Anne

This ever-growing, immigrant-owned store carries a triple threat to remember: beautiful plant care, home goods from independent companies, and some great gifts for fans of either (a “plant lady” mop, anyone?).



Florence’s previous iteration as a homewares boutique and interior design studio in Pioneer Square (formerly known as Fringe) shines through its black-painted floors, a wealth of minimalist ceramics, and ongoing design services. But the first thing you’ll notice — after the gentle giant of the dog greets you at the door — is owner Taylor Richardson’s dexterity with plants. No, you can’t buy the decades-old bird of paradise that belonged to Richardson’s grandmother, but Richardson will certainly help you grow your own bird.

Glass pavilion greenhouse

Capitol Hill

This Olive Way branch of neighboring Melrose Market has the same great Friends vibes, but with an endless supply of plants and flowers lining its front windows. Shop the selection online to pick up rare snake plants and cut flowers from the store’s permanent stock.

Al Shams Interior Store


Deviate from Burke-Gilman to Fremont’s indoor garden oasis to find tropical plants like Dieffenbachia, shelves of succulents, easy-care air plants, and enough hanging vines to turn an apartment into a nursery—plus friendly experts. And useful extras to help you take care of everything.

Magnolia Garden Center


This sweet-smelling, moist shop houses perfect little specimens of string of pearls, Chinese money plants, rows of colorful pots, and a plant of air plants. Do you have space for a larger garden? Magnolia is also a strong advocate of urban berry growing and includes more than 20 species on its potential inventory. Just think of pancakes.

Peace, love and happiness club


This store expanded from a small Fremont storefront to a warehouse-style space right down the street. Its extensive collection of rare and difficult to care for plants is best viewed.

Plant shop

Capitol Hill

A beautiful snake plant from this simply named store can live atop a side table you purchased at the original Homestead Furniture showroom—their sister retailers pay the same attention to detail and care to their plants as they do to vintage home goods.

Plant shop

White center

Head to White Center for a wide and affordable selection, including an entire section dedicated to your favorite children’s versions (“perfect for plant breeders on a budget”) and simple, practical pottery (hello, drainage holes). Even if the trip is too far, follow this store on Instagram, stat. Owner (and master of plant physiology) Miles Gounard frequently posts educational videos on topics from how to use fertilizer to why your plants are stressed.

Jungle beans

Pike Place Market

The “Yes, You Can Bring Plants on Board” sandwich sign outside Jungle Bean’s Western Avenue storefront speaks to the store’s tourist customers, but locals should root for the market, too — especially for kokedama and other plant-based designs. And Pablo, the adorable French bulldog who dominates the floor portion of the floor-to-ceiling windows. And owner Camille Barba hopes to infuse a new name to come: Cobodi, a portmanteau of abode and Bahay Cobo, an iconic stilt house in the Philippines, in homage to how Barba used plants to transform a studio apartment in a new country into a home away from home.

Nightshade plants

Lower Queen Anne

The hole in the wall that once hosted Queen Anne Psychic couldn’t be a better spiritual occasion for tattoos and eggplants, opened during the pandemic by a couple pursuing complementary dreams. Alisha Tilson brings multi-generational experience to the botanical side of the operation — her grandmother was a master gardener — as well as a deft eye toward plants and store settings. Trust: This is the coolest entrance in Seattle.

Ravenna Gardens

University Village

Looking to get all your shopping done at U Village? More on-trend than your traditional shop full of statues, this longtime locally owned garden store specializes in plants and wares — huge, gorgeous planters, coffee table books — that fit perfectly into your Anthropologie collection.



Get your plants and drink them too. Ballard’s Greenest Boutique stocks houseplants from the everyday (snake plants, Pilea peperiomoides) to the prized (Marimo moss balls), and also serves as a café whose matcha and espresso offerings are botanically themed.

Seattle Seed Company


You can buy a potted plant – or you can head to that green thumb’s online haven and grow your own from seed. Too much commitment? The site also offers more instant gratification with its cabbage-print phone cases and branded handbags.

Seattle Planet Papa


A Wallingford rare plant seller has just moved down the street from its first brick-and-mortar building to a larger, more airy space overflowing with exotic plants. ENJOY THE CHARACTER – Planet Daddy lives up to its name with suggestive plant selfies, branded shorts, and the elusive penis cactus (Trichocereus bridgesii). Keep plants of all varieties that are obviously lovable.

Verdi & Company.

South Lake Union

Build a bouquet with dried statis, proteas, and mushrooms (yes, really) or combine them with fresh flowers at this shop located in the massive 400 Fairview building. Classic succulents and air plants line the shelves and floor, too. For non-green thumbs, Verde hosts classes that vary according to the season (wreaths, bouquets, terrariums, etc.).

Swanson Incubation


Seattle’s most beloved nursery is located on five peaceful acres just south of Carkeek Park. Warm and cozy, the greenhouses hold dahlias, houseplants, macrame wall hangings and smart pots. One of them has a cafe and a pond with huge koi fish. Outside, trees and shrubs are carefully organized with detailed information cards. It’s worth a visit even if you’ve already filled your farms.

West Seattle Nursery and Garden Center

West Seattle

This spacious complex has something for every plant-related project, whether it’s a major landscape overhaul, a home garden plot, or a succulent arrangement for a friend’s birthday. The gift shop is home to houseplants, terrariums, candles and other trinkets. There is free delivery to West Seattle as well. Who needs a bridge, anyway?

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