Black tore into Speaker Welch for targeting Rep. Flowers

Black tore into Speaker Welch for targeting Rep. Flowers

Pictured LR: Illinois House Speaker Emanuel “Chris” Welch and Illinois Representative Mary Flowers (D-31st)

“They’re going to have to go through me first,” Moore says of targeting Flowers for defeat.

Illinois Representative Mary Flowers (D-31st) believed she was respecting and protecting Illinois House Speaker Emanuel “Chris” Welch when she prevented younger employees from staging a strike over alleged unfair labor practices. Flowers is shocked that Welch targeted her for political defeat during Women’s History Month.

To make matters worse, Speaker Welsh Flowers, who has been in office for nearly 40 years, was stripped of her leadership role as Majority Whip, costing her $8,000 in lost wages. “I am the longest-serving black member of the House, and now she is the lowest paid,” she told The New York Times. Chicago Crusaders.

Flowers remains perplexed by Welch’s actions since he praised her work and tenure in 2021. At the time, he said, “I am proud to call Commander Flowers a hard-working advocate, a no-nonsense leader, an amazing actress, and my friend.”

Alderman David Moore

That Welch Flowers was targeted for political defeat is shocking to black leaders like Alderman David Moore (17th), who told the party: Chicago Crusaders“This is not what they do to Maryflowers. This is what they do to black women. So, when you start attacking black women in particular, and they use black men, that’s a problem.”

“They couldn’t find anything wrong with her record and the work she did,” Moore said. “So, they’re telling lies, and trying to cast a bad light on a black woman. I stand as a black man to not only protect her, but to let others know when you go after a black woman, you have to come through David Moore.

Asked how he felt about Welch paying more than $500,000 to support an unknown candidate to defeat Flowers, Moore said: “It’s a waste of money.”

Crusader head mold 9
Senator Mattie Hunter

Sen. Mattie Hunter (D-3rd) said she, too, “is shocked and appalled by what is happening with our senior leader. She has been committed to her district for over 40 years. Seniority doesn’t seem to matter anymore. Too many young people are willing to ignore that and disrespect our leadership and the judiciary.” “It’s absolutely unfair, and I don’t like it at all.”

Saying she was just trying to respect and protect him, Flowers also privately told Welch about an employee whom Flowers said was beginning to resemble Adolf Hitler. When Flowers spoke to the employee, whom she had known for more than 20 years, and asked how he looked, Flowers said he just laughed, so she forgot about it.

Spokesman Welch did not forget her statements, as he wrote in a letter to Flowers: “This is not the first time she has made insulting comments toward colleagues and employees.”

Welch received more than $560,500, including $68,500 from his own campaign, to support a little-known landmark to defeat Flowers.

According to Flowers, “the unions and everyone joined in his goal of defeating me.” Flowers said she met her now-rival once and he allegedly told her: “You’ve been in office too long.”

Flowers’ nightmare began in late April 2023. “He gave him an ultimatum that if I didn’t come to his office by May 31, he would strip me of my leadership and my pay.”

When asked why Welch gave her this ultimatum, Flowers said: “When he called me and said he wanted to meet with me, I said I had a busy schedule and asked him about it.” She wanted to know what was going on so she could prepare, including whether she needed a lawyer to accompany her.

“He said, ‘You disrespected one of my employees,'” prompting Flowers to say, “What did you say?” When she asked how, Welch replied because she mentioned he looked like Hitler. “This is a free country. I told you so you could address this issue,” she told the speaker of parliament in a special session last April.

That’s when Flowers told him not only about his employee’s appearance, but also how she had prevented a variety of his younger employees from staging a protest strike over “unfair labor practices.” They were upset that some employees could work at home while others received higher salaries. They felt overworked and underpaid.

“I thought I was paying respect to the Speaker and protecting him from this protest because he was the first black Speaker of the House,” she said. Chicago Crusaders.

Flowers said she was shocked when the Speaker of the House allegedly told caucus members that he had just learned that some of his employees were about to go on strike. When Flowers reminded him that she had told him about their planned protest, and about the suspicious appearance of one of his employees, who was no longer on staff, he said, “No, she didn’t.”

I refused to go to Welch’s office as he requested.

“I’m 72 years old,” Flowers said. “I was 71 at the time. I was not going to let that man talk to me in any way. I am older than his mother.”

“He sent a hand-delivered letter to my office. I asked my staffer not to open the letter,” Flowers said. “Two days later it was in a Capitol fax (on May 9, 2023).

“Women (staff) came into my office asking why I was handing the speaker over to Rich Miller (who heads Capitol Fax). I told them I didn’t do that and showed them the unopened letter from the Speaker of the House. “I don’t know what the Speaker of the House is talking about. “This is just another lie,” she told them.

“I told the Speaker you do what you have to do because I’m not meeting with you because I know how you like to talk to people,” Flowers said, accusing him of cursing people.

“You wouldn’t talk to me like that,” Flowers said.

“From that day on, he started following me.” Flowers said she was shocked by the appearance of the Speaker’s staffer because she grew up around 71st and West where the Nazis had an office with a picture of Hitler in the window.

It also reminded her of the time Hitler came to the United States and asked her how to keep black people under control. “Then he returned to Europe and began exterminating the Jews. “I didn’t think (his staff’s appearance) was something that could just be ignored.”

Flowers said she is still shocked by the House Speaker’s actions just a year ago, when he made glowing and supportive remarks about her tenure and work.

Below is the text of his statements:

“As Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives, I am honored to congratulate Deputy Majority Leader, Rep. Mary Flowers, on her National Distinguished Advocacy Award from the American Cancer Society Action Network.

“Leader Flowers is the perfect elected representative. She is deeply convinced of her values. She exercises assertiveness and has a good heart. Most importantly, she knows how government can best serve marginalized communities. These are qualities that Leader Flowers brings with her to every issue and every debate. And that is This is especially the case when it comes to access to health care.

“During her more than 30 years in the General Assembly, Leader Flowers has worked tirelessly to improve access to health care for underserved communities. With her help, Illinois became the first state to pass universal biomarker testing that will help residents get the right cancer treatment at the right time.”

“Marginalized communities, including communities of color and people of less advantaged socioeconomic statuses, are less likely to receive vital signs testing. People in rural communities and those receiving care at non-academic medical centers are less likely to benefit from vital signs testing. But thanks to Leader Flowers, these communities will have greater access, in addition to other initiatives, including enabling patients to better predict and plan for their health needs.

“Those diagnosed with cancer need every inch of help we can provide, and we owe it to ourselves as a community to beat the disease. Everyone has a role to play and that is what Leader Flowers is fighting for.”

“I am proud to call Leader Flowers a tireless advocate, a no-nonsense leader, a good actor, and my friend.

“Congratulations, Mary. May God bless the American Cancer Society and all our cancer patients who can have more hope as science and public health continue to advance,” Welch said.

In 2013, Welch was elected to the Illinois House of Representatives after losing several races, but he made history on January 13, 2021, when he was elected as the first black Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives.

Welch, 53, succeeded House Speaker Mike Madigan, who has been embroiled in scandal since 1983 and who was charged with racketeering conspiracy, wire fraud and attempted extortion in ComEd investigations.

Mayor Harold Washington asked Flowers to run for state representative and asked her to win, which she did. Flowers was sworn in on January 9, 1985. She is the longest-serving African American member of the Illinois House of Representatives.

When asked about her feelings about being singled out for political defeat, Flowers said, “I was appalled and humiliated by that, and I don’t appreciate it, and for him to do this to me and to other black women who stood with him, I found that out.” Disgraceful.

“I worked so hard for them to be where they are now,” she said. “For him to disrespect me, that is unacceptable and I will not accept it,” Flowers said.


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