Brayden Maynard causes an embarrassing scene with flowers and wine inside Angus Brayshaw’s house after suffering a concussion

Brayden Maynard’s attempt to show remorse toward the player he knocked out cold on Thursday night reportedly went down like a lead balloon.

The Collingwood wrecking ball, who is due to appear in court on Tuesday evening over the controversial collision that left Melbourne midfielder Angus Brayshaw unconscious for up to two minutes, took it upon herself to go to Brayshaw’s house on Friday with flowers and a bottle of drink. Wine to express remorse.

But what was intended to be an act of sympathy quickly became just an awkward, jarring visit that did little to heal any wounds, according to Sam Edmond, who reported Monday night that Maynard’s presence angered at least one of Brayshaw’s teammates who had already been to his side at that time.

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“I’ve been told Maynard’s visit was embarrassing,” Edmund told SEN.

“He was allowed in but the embarrassment was actually heightened by the fact that Brayshaw already had several Melbourne teammates visiting him the day after the match.

“From what I’ve been told, one of my teammates was particularly angry about Maynard’s presence and had to remove himself from the room just to make sure nothing untoward happened. His teammate, the Melbourne player, removed himself.

“Despite Maynard’s good intentions, this visit was not well received.

“According to people I talked to around this, it was more like, ‘Okay, we’re going to let him in because we can’t keep him out,’ and then it just got more awkward from there.”

Brayden Maynard checks on Angus Brayshaw after the hit. credit: dad
Brayden Maynard’s attempt to fix things backfired. credit: GT

Brayshaw has been ruled out of Friday night’s semi-final against Carlton as he still suffers from concussion protocols, and is unlikely to return to Melbourne at any stage during the finals series, regardless of how far the Demons go in September.

The 27-year-old suffered four concussions in 12 months and was sidelined for long periods in 2016 and 2017, and his family are extremely concerned for his future, his brother Hamish Brayshaw told Channel 7.

Hamish’s brother told Channel 7: “I spoke to him earlier today, and he is having some tests on his brain from the same doctor who took care of him a few years ago.”

“Health comes first and he has a life to live after football, so I think that will be something he evaluates in the off-season, and whether his body can continue or not, time will tell.”

Brayshaw’s concussion fight is a terrible development for his extended family as Brayshaw was engaged to Danny Frawley’s daughter, Danielle.

Angus Brayshaw was extended during the loss to Collingwood. credit: Getty Images
Brayden Maynard (pic) has been sent straight to the AFL tribunal for making contact with Angus Brayshaw. (Joel Carrette/AAP Images) credit: dad

St Kilda great Danny Frawley died in a single-car crash in late 2019, with analysis of his brain finding he had signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

Anita Frawley, Danny’s widow, has since become a leading campaigner on concussion issues in the NFL.

The incident looms as a huge test case for the NFL with Maynard in court on Tuesday afternoon.

“He was in a football game and it was a football game,” teammate Steele Sidebottom told reporters Monday.

“There was no malice in it. “Bruz” (Maynard) is a fair player and it is unfortunate the way things ended.

“I watched how he played, he never crossed the goal line.

“When he comes out to play, he plays hard and fair. That’s what I see from Brayden.

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