Britt’s Blooms is a pick-your-own flower oasis in the town of Paris

Britt’s Blooms is a pick-your-own flower oasis in the town of Paris

Paris TWP. – Brittney Baltzelli was at her best on a recent weekday morning amid a sea of ​​colorful late-summer flowers.

As she walked through the maze of flowers, she mentioned the names of the different species at Britz Blooms, a pick-your-own flower farm that she owns and oversees on the 70-acre cattle ranch run by her husband, Hans Baltzelli.

While she was happy and relieved, she did not expect to find herself in this place after she met Hans at the University of Akron before graduating in 2011 and then getting married.

“It’s a full circle moment because I was one of the people who never stopped and looked at the butterflies and the bees,” Baltzelli said as the mid-morning sun broke through scattered clouds. “I think most people don’t take the time to slow down and enjoy the magic of nature, and when you do that here…it’s great for your mind and good for your soul.”

Because of his farming experience, her husband bought the cattle ranch and they moved into a house on the property in 2015. Britney supported the change, but later had trouble adjusting, as she searched for her comfort zone within the expanse of remote countryside.

A self-confessed “city girl” with no farm experience, the Coshoton native discovered a passion for flowers, a subject she knew nothing about. What started as a modest landscape planting zinnias around their home eventually turned into Britz Blooms.

She invites the public to come out and pick their own flowers and create bouquets at 1184 Pleasant Valley Drive SE during specific hours before the flowers fade. As of the first week of September, the garden was still full of flowers, Baltzelli said.

When can you pick flowers and how much do they cost?

Hours of operation, limited to Saturday and Sunday, are posted on social media, including at

Britt’s Blooms is scheduled to be open from 10am to 2pm today and Sunday, along with September 17, 24, 30 and October 1. Additional hours will be 4-8pm on September 16 and 1-5pm on September 23.

Prices are $25 per cup. $35 for vase; $50 for a small bucket; And $80 for a large bucket. If choosing a bucket, customers must bring something to take the flowers home.

Payment can be made by cash or checks.

Britt’s Blooms is also hosting events, including a pick, paint and sip session at 6pm on September 21. One-hour garden yoga sessions among the flowers are 5pm and 7pm on September 13, but reservations are required. For more details about paint, sip and yoga, including pricing, visit

Other pick-your-own-flower locations are also available in the Canton area, including Home Again Flowers, a self-catering farm located at 1016 Andrews St. NW in the Hartville area; and Plum Hill Farm, a self-service flower stand with to-go bouquets at 10475 Hoover Ave. NW in Lake Township; and 1885 Farms, featuring self-picked flowers by appointment at 5553 Richville Drive SW in the Navarre area.

Who knew that “paradise” was in the town of Paris?

While touring the flower farm, Baltzelli spoke enthusiastically about her hobby-turned-side-job.

“It’s heaven,” she said. “It’s addictive.”

About 25 species of flowers bloomed this summer, including sunflowers, cosmos, dahlias, marigolds, snapdragons, yarrow, phlox, cockscombs and other annuals.

Flower lovers are posting their appreciation on the Britt’s Blooms Facebook page.

Commenting on the beauty of the flowers in the photo, Danielle Shaheen said: “They look really fake, they are so perfect.”

Robin Rector enjoyed choosing her bouquet.

“I just want to say a huge thank you to Britt Blooms for the beautiful flowers,” she wrote in a social media post. “I absolutely love them. This was the first time I cut mine, but it won’t be the last.”

The large sunflower patch is especially popular. To keep it thriving, he plants it stagnately.

“You can choose them,” she said. “They’re absolutely up for grabs, but I also offer photographers to come out and take portraits or portraits of seniors…but they definitely make a highlight when everyone walks by and sees them — it’s an instant smile. Who doesn’t love sunflowers?”

I’ve gone from novice to flower lover.

During the tour, she pointed out a patch of zinnias, where her love of gardening began.

“The colors are incredible,” Baltzelli said. “There are so many different varieties. The bees and butterflies love them, and the textures and colors on them are incredible. The details are incredible…and they last forever.”

The flower farm, which opened to the public last summer, was previously a “muddy place full of cows,” she said with a laugh. “And I think that’s why my flowers are so successful.”

The language of nature

Picking flowers also means meeting people and introducing them to the rural oasis, Baltzelli said.

“People come for flowers but leave with something else,” she said. “You forgot your mobile phone and you’re just out here making memories with your family, and I love hearing people laugh and kids laughing, that’s what it’s all about.

“I started Britt Blooms because I wanted people to experience, pick and have flowers,” Baltzley said. “But I quickly realized that the flowers were just an incentive to get people out here and experience nature.”

The changing moods of nature were on display at the flower farm on a recent weekday. In one minute, the sun rose from the sky. The next day, it slipped behind the clouds, and the horizon suddenly became bleak. Raindrops followed before stopping, and the sky once again opened up with brightness. The wind also blew intermittently.

Clients come from near and far

Visitors from near and far have picked flowers at Brit’s Blooms, including when people from New York and Pennsylvania stopped by after visiting someone in the area or just passing by.

Baltzelli is looking forward to getting more people to discover the beauty of her flowers.

“I’ve had days where I’m sitting here and I’m bringing people in,” she said. “And there are days I can’t keep up.”

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