Buy a flower vase with artificial flowers for home decoration

Buy a flower vase with artificial flowers for home decoration

It's once again that time of year when we mop our floors, clean our porches, and decorate our homes. Most of us are thinking about home decor right now, and we're all looking for ways to spruce up our homes and make them the envy of the guests who come over during the holiday season. Plants and flowers are currently one of the most trendy and popular decor elements, but they require constant attention and great effort. So we bring you the next best thing – artificial plants and flower vases with artificial flowers. Artificial flowers and vases make low-effort decor items that can instantly brighten your living space. Find our top recommendations for these and get decorating.

The Litleo Bonsai Wild Artificial Plant comes with a pot set with four small artificial plants. Each measures approximately 20cm tall and is perfect as table top decoration. These mini plants can be placed on bookshelves, side tables or reading windows for a nice green look. The plants are made of plastic and can be easily washed to get rid of annoying dirt. You can easily decorate them with small lights to create a wonderful festive decor piece. Set of four small artificial bonsai plants perfect for tabletop decoration.

Sofex artificial flowers come with a nice wooden pot and easy to separate flowers. Orchid flower pot is decorated with beautiful red and white orchid flowers made of plastic. The flower pot is easy to maintain and can be rinsed with cold water to clean. Style this bowl on your side or console table with pillar candles and votives to create an attractive design element in your living room. This double orchid bush comes in a vibrant color with a wooden pot.

DecoratingLives artificial bonsai will add the missing touch of color to any lively space. The artificial potted plant adds a fresh, natural touch to your home without bringing the outdoors inside your home. The artificial plant comes in a plastic pot and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Style the plant on your coffee table with board games and candles to create a decor element that can't be overlooked. Artificial plastic bonsai add liveliness to any living space.

The Flyngo Artificial Plant is another great recommendation for anyone who loves vibrant colors. Made of high quality plastic, the plant looks amazing and is very close to the real thing. The plant is a great tabletop accessory and can brighten up any corner of your home. Prop the plant on a few books and place it on shelves or side tables for a pop of color. You can also add small LED lights to the widget and place them next to it for the perfect IG shot. This natural-looking tabletop plant is available in vibrant green and blue.

If you love all things roses and bright colors, then this artificial plant is just what you need to complete your home decor efforts. This vibrant red rose flower vase with fresh look is made of high quality fabric and comes with a plastic pot. The flowers are washable, so you can clean them by running them under cold water. Place the plant on your hallway table with a key pot and potpourri to style it to perfection or let the plant rest on your sofa side table. The artificial rose plant comes in vibrant red colors and in a plastic pot.

The Love Art Artificial Flower Plant Set is a set of two plants inspired by Japanese shrubs. The multi-colored flowers are vibrant and can add a touch of missing color to your home. Small plants are really great to use as filler decor items anywhere in your home. Plus, they're very economical, so you can buy a set or two without worrying about burning a hole in your pocket. Decorate the plants with some warm lights, arrange them near windows and balcony doors and add a beautiful design element to the celebrations. Set of 2 Japanese bonsai shrub comes with multi-colored flowers.

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