Can You Get a DUI While Mowing Lawn in Indiana?

Can You Get a DUI While Mowing Lawn in Indiana?

FARMERSBURG, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – Although summer is well underway, many people have settled into their routine of lawn mowing duties.

Since most lawn mowers have cup holders, you may be tempted to grab a drink and a little something extra while mowing.

But while a beer or two may leave you in complete control of your lawn mower, if you drink to an irresponsible level, in Indiana, you could be tempted by a DUI charge.

According to Indiana State Police Sgt. Matt Ames, regardless of whether the vehicle is privately owned or not, operating while intoxicated is still illegal.

“Yes, you can get a DUI while operating a lawn mower on your property,” Ames said. “Now, officers aren’t actively going through residents’ homes and being like, ‘Oh, this person is consuming some alcohol while you’re running your lawn mower,’ we’re not here to do that. Now the other problem you might have is that you might not have as straight lines as You want in your garden while mowing.

Ames went on to explain that the law was designed to protect the safety of residents, and that operating a vehicle of any type under the influence of alcohol increases the risk of personal injury or injury to others. As such, if an accident occurs that results in injury, property damage to a neighbor, or just a concerned driver who saw the mower operator appear reckless while turning into the road before returning to their property, this could trigger an investigation that could lead to a DUI charge The only one.

“A similar example might be if you’re operating a motorboat on waterways. If you’re driving a campervan, you could be arrested if you’re over the legal limit in Indiana,” Ames said. “That extends to golf carts, UTVs, “And ATVs, and anything that’s transportation.”

It’s really about making good decisions, and someone who is severely under the influence is more likely to make bad decisions, Ames said.

“Indiana State Police, our number one priority is making sure we provide a safe atmosphere for all of our citizens here,” Ames said. “If you choose to consume alcohol, make sure you do so wisely, that you don’t ride any type of transportation where you could cause injury to yourself or someone else, and make sure you don’t end up hurting yourself.” Local county jail.”

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